Gluten Free Product Information

At Beetnik our Gluten Free products are tested to ensure they comply with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization) definition of Gluten Free (<20 ppm).  This is the lowest level that can be consistently detected in foods using valid scientific analytical tools.  Our Gluten Free products are manufactured in our own facility, as well as third party manufacturers.

Not all of our products are manufactured in 100% gluten free facilities, but all of our suppliers comply with the following standards.

Our Gluten Free Standards and Procedures

At every stage of bringing a product to market, there are risks for gluten cross contamination. In order to make sure a product is gluten free, we develop plans and procedures to address these risks.

  • Suppliers

    Vetting – Beetnik periodically tests incoming raw materials for contamination. 

    Specs – Suppliers are given specific instructions on exactly what product is to be received.

    HACCP– All of our USDA monitored suppliers have Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points processes, which outline what the risks associated with the products they supply are, and how they are addressed. 

  • Storage

    Segregation – Items containing allergens are stored separately from each other, and labeled clearly.

    Container Reuse – Containers that have come into contact with an allergen are not used with ingredients for products that do not contain those allergens.

  • Staging

    When moving products in our small facility, we make sure that products don’t come into contact with other allergens.

  • Production

    Scheduling – We produce gluten-free product in the same kitchen as products containing gluten.  Our gluten-free products are made after all flour has had a chance to settle and everything has been thoroughly cleaned.  Our gluten free products are made on days when we only manufacture gluten-free products.

    Our pasta products are made by a supplier in a 100% dedicated and certified gluten-free facility.

  • Cleaning & Sanitation

    There are different ways of cleaning equipment.  The best kind of cleaning is wet cleaning, and this is how Beetnik cleans its facility and equipment.

  • Packaging

    Safe once packaged – Once a gluten-free product is in the packaging, we believe it should be safe.

    Punctures – Punctures of packaging could result in cross contamination. Consumers should avoid products whose outer packaging is damaged.

  • Quality Management

    Random testing – We randomly test our products to make sure that they fall below the specified level of gluten contamination.

  • Employee Training

    Our employees are trained to comply with our processes.

    All of our processes are documented.