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Cage Free, Pastured Chicken

Free Range, Cage Free, Pastured Chicken

Over the last 50 years, industrialized factory farms have replaced America’s family farms. Caged chickens are among the most abused in the agriculture business. In many cases, unable to even spread their wings, factory farmed chickens are deprived of doing most natural behaviors including foraging, nesting, perching, dust bathing, and, possibly most important, exercising. Factory farmed chickens also struggle to survive in an extremely toxic environment, from fecal dust to pest infestations, factory farmed chickens have to be dosed with heavy amounts of antibiotics just to ensure they survive long enough to produce a profit.

While cage free doesn’t mean that our chickens are independent chickens out roaming a 1000 acre ranch free of human interaction. It does mean that our chickens live in flocks, contained in grazing pens which are moved on a regular basis. That means that our chickens are free to spread their wings, walk around, perch, dust bathe, and soak in the sunshine. In other words, our chickens are free to be… well, chickens. It also means their environment is less toxic and they don’t receive the same heavy doses of antibiotics as factory farmed chickens.

Pastured Chicken

Our chickens are “pastured” chickens, or chickens raised outside in moveable field pens. This provides them ample space to walk around, spread their wings while providing constant access to fresh air, sunshine, and grass. Most people are not aware that, just like cattle, grass is an important part of a healthy chicken’s diet. Grass helps generate essential Omega three fatty acids, and plays a big role in the delicious flavor of our birds.

Cage Free Chicken

In a study released by Iowa State University, which studied and compared fat content between organic, free-range and conventional chickens. The study found that, not surprisingly, the fat content varied greatly among the different chickens. The levels of saturated fat, bad fat, were lowest in the organic chicken. The levels of polyunsaturated fat, good fat, were considerably higher in the organic chicken sample than other chickens. In addition, both omega-3 and omega-6 levels were higher in the organic chicken than the conventional, factory farmed, chicken. Organic, free-range chicken provides healthier levels of saturated fat and the most beneficial levels of polyunsaturated fat, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

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