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Our Roots

Great Ingredients Make Great Food

Beetnik was born from our founder David Perkins' love of great food, and his view that great food comes from great ingredients.  That's so important to him that he invested in some of the best farmers and ranchers in Central Texas.... people who are passionate about their products, their people and the environment...fellow Beetniks.

Beetnik is quintessentially the city we live in. We share our test kitchen in East Austin, with innovative chefs and bakers, and they share ideas with us because they're Beetniks.  

We work with packaging companies from around the world, who care about the planet because they're Beetniks.

We care about each other, who we are, and what we do, so we only hire Beetniks.

Our customer's care about what they eat, how it's produced, and who produces it, because they're Beetniks, and we appreciate that.

Our foods never contain MSG, high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and flavorings, hormones, or antibiotics.

The Team


David Perkins

Founder, Chef and CEO

What can’t you say about David? From Cordon Bleu Paris all-star to reigning start up maverick, he truly is a man of many talents. David loves spending time with his family and being a dedicated chef. Not only does he bring years of culinary excellence, David is the unrelenting source for all laughter around the bungalow. In his past life he must have been a comic.
Favorite Beetnik Product: Lamb Shank with Jalapeno Cheese Polenta


Rhonda Millan


The newest member of the Beetnik Team, Rhonda has been in Austin for 20 years and worked in accounting for over 15 years. She keeps the loose ends tied and is our financial watchdog. Rhonda is the early bird among enthusiastic football parents never missing a moment of her son’s weekly football games. She deserves an award for being the sweetest accountant in the South!
Favorite Beetnik Product: Beetnik BBQ Sauce


Kim Matto

Logistics Manager

Working mostly from home to keep up with her busy children, Kim is a motivated mother and wife. She effortlessly fulfills her daily goal of being the best role model she can be to her two young daughters. Beetnik is the perfect fit for Kim to apply her motherly undertaking of delivering delicious and wholesome meals with love. Kim enjoys being active- playing volleyball and competing in a softball league.
Favorite Beetnik Product: Smoky Applewood Salmon


Rustin Dodd

Marketing Manager

Tactician of marketing, Rustin hails from a long line of marketing excellence, previously earning his stripes at White Glove Technologies (now MindShift) as a web designer, art director and finally as the marketing manager. He enjoys composing and producing music and going on romantic getaways in Big Bend with his girlfriend. Rustin can do it all- even ride his motorcycle backwards.
Favorite Beetnik Product: Grass Fed NY Strip Steak


Allison Stevens


Allison has been a lover of nutrition since… well forever. She is a world traveler and obtained her nutrition credentials at Tufts Friedman. Away from Beetnik, personal chef Allison loves the opportunity to cook for families, bringing healthy, delicious foods to their tables every week! Outside of cooking, you can find Allison enjoying nature: hiking, paddle boarding or simply sitting on her patio to watch the bats!
Favorite Beetnik Product: Gluten-Free Cheese Ravioli


Bron Hager

Social Commerce Manager

With a background in business management, for nearly four years Bron has been staying on top of menu trends across the country. When not working, he is a self-proclaimed local food connoisseur and football enthusiast. A native of Austin, Bron is a competitive bingo player, enjoys running on Town Lake, and nine times out of ten is listening to Florence & the Machine.
Favorite Beetnik Product: Gluten-Free Chicken Tenders


Tamara Buran

Customer Service Rep

A new Austin resident, Tamara sometimes wonders why she didn’t get here sooner. From swimming in Barton Springs to hunting for the perfect breakfast taco, chances are she's Instagramming about it. A graduate of UC Berkeley, Tamara has a background in independent media and comic illustration. Her favorite pastimes include perfecting her burpee box jump, bbq and reading feminist sci-fi novels.
Favorite Beetnik Product: Grass Fed Tenderloin


Michael Perkins


Born in Montreal and raised in Austin, Michael is easily the best athlete in the office. He attended the University of Corpus Christi A&M where he played baseball and studied finance and accounting as well as philosophy (Food Ethics). Most of his spare time is spent on Lake Austin wakesurfing and shaping surfboards. He enjoys long walks on the pavement next to the beach, and truly believes that he is best dressed in the office.
Favorite Beetnik Product: Grass Fed Beef Chili


Mr. Fix It

Our Appliance Repair Guy

When you're putting your commercial kitchen equipment through the ringer like we do, you quickly realize how important it is to have a reliable appliance repair guy. He may not technically be on the payroll, but he's certainly an important part of our team! We salute you Mr. Fix It!

The House

Our renovated office reflects the same two priorities you see in our name and in our carefully crafted meals; Our natural roots and our one-of-a-kind belief in creative twists on trusted favorites. Nestled comfortably on East Cesar Chavez, our “bungalow” embodies both sides of the company.  Not only is the bungalow located to the heart of our own internationally famed SXSW, but we also office in a community dubbed as the creative district of Austin. Beetnik’s humble abode houses a team eager to provide our patrons with inventive and wholesome meals by developing thoughtful cooking methods at our in-house test kitchen. The galley covers 1,000 square feet and features the latest convectional ovens, mixers, and an 8x10 walk-in freezer. Once perfected, the bungalow leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver a product that is truly made from having fun (and maybe the insight of our cordon bleu chef). If you ever find yourself wandering on the East Side, do us the favor of stopping in to say hello.