5 Ways to Keep Your 2016 Resolutions On Track!

Posted On: January 9, 2016


Traditionally, New Year’s Day is primed as the perfect time to kick start a new version of yourself – and now we’re a week in, we may see some of those newly minted habits begin to slip. Set yourself up for success in 2016 by breaking down your large goals into bite sized, gluten free pieces!  These 5 steps can help you succeed without compromising your motivation!

#1: Just pick one! We understand the temptation behind setting multiple goals – who wouldn’t want to learn how to sew, eat less carbs, bike 15 miles a day AND cook a recipe a week from Alice Water’s The Art of Simple Food? Its hard to say no, but keep in mind that focus is the key to keeping up with your goals. Make small changes in your life – and keep moving from there. Once you’re successful with the first change you can begin to tackle the next piece of the puzzle.

#2: Plan ahead! If you’ve made a vow to eat cleaner or with more intention, stock up on items you know you can work with. Take a look at our up to 50% freezer sale and fill up your freezer with healthy, go-to dinner options. If you know Fridays after work are when you reach for the frozen pizza, plan ahead and have our organic frozen entrees ready to go to avoid temptation!

#3: Don’t doubt yourself! You are a powerful human being made of star stuff and you can do whatever it is you set your mind to! Write your goals down and keep them with you. When you’re faced with a weak moment, pull them out and remind yourself why you started.

#4: Hurdles Happen. It’s true, they do. You will inevitably hit a snag on the route to your resolutions, but it doesn’t mean they are ruined! Make a note of the trigger that caused your set back and turn it into a teachable lesson. Do you find that you dislike bringing the same lunch to work every day for the sake of your resolutions? Switch it up and learn some new tips and tricks from our blog – variety is the spice of life, ya’ll!

#5: Rewards Yourself. The best part! Reward yourself with small things in the beginning. Did you finish your first day of clean eating? Brew yourself a cup of your favorite, decadent tea and relax with a good book. We personally enjoy rewarding ourselves with a tender, juicy ribeye – but to each their own!



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