Thanksgiving Checklist: The Little Things!

Posted On: November 17, 2015

Next Thursday is the big day! Are all your ducks in a row? (or should we say, are your turkeys in a row? We couldn’t help it!)

Here are some last minute things you may want to check off your list!

Food Allergies

Having a food allergy can make your guest feel shy or like a burden, and ultimately its up to you to make your guests feel like they’re at home at your table. Guests may feel like they’re being too overbearing by letting you know about their special diets or reasons for eschewing a food group, so try to make the first move. Reach out beforehand to inquire about potential food allergies and how you can help. Hopefully your guests will let you know and you can plan to make accommodations together.


Enjoying a glass (or two! Or three?) with your Thanksgiving is part of the feast! We recommend picking up a wine that suits the entire meal. For some sommeliers, their eye usually falls to pinot noir. The acidity is just right, the alcohol is moderate and it has a moderate to light body. It pairs well with food and can dance between poultry and mashed potatoes with little to no effort.

Clear the Fridge

As trivial as this may sound, you don’t need your weekday yogurts and sack lunches crowding your turkey and pre-made sides. You need space! Clear out items you don’t need and do what you can to maximize your space. Designate a spot for the turkey and set aside space for the items you know you’ll need quickly.

Meat Thermometer

It’s time to stop second guessing, you must accept the meat thermometer into your life! No one wants food poisoning on Thanksgiving! Keep a digital meat thermometer to measure the heat of your turkey and other protein dishes. You can learn more about the basics of cooking meat in this previous blog post.

And of course, don’t forget to breathe!

“Surviving the holidays” seems to be a common phrase thrown around during this time of year, but we like to think of this time as “thriving in the holidays.” Somewhere among the extra house guests or the multiple timers set in the kitchen – find a moment to take care of yourself. Be it a quiet cup of your favorite tea or a quick run in the park, taking the time to do things that you personally enjoy can help ease stress and can help you feel rejuvenated throughout the holiday.



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