Alliums That Pack a Punch!

Posted On: August 22, 2016

There’s just something about a allium that brings a fragrant, savory flavor to every dish we include them in. High in beneficial sulfur compounds, the Allium family contains onions, garlic, shallots and chives.We always find ourselves with these Alliums on hand, as they bring a unique taste to our recipes and are easy to store:


Jump, chive and wail! Did you know that chives are closely related to grass? We recommend using chives when you want that oniony flavor without adding too much extra texture to your meal. Raw chives are an excellent garnish and work perfectly over eggs, salads and of course, baked potatoes. They also make a great substitute for garlic.


Also known as wild leeks, these pungent, garlickly plants are harvested between late April and early June – so in other words, when you see them on sale at the farmers market: get them! They are foraged from dark, wooded areas and have large, green leaves. Since they have such a quick season they may be more expensive than your typical Allium, so make sure you have a game plan ready. They’re excellent grilled with oil, salt and pepper.


The most popular of the Allium family, onions have been hanging out (literally) in kitchens for thousands of years! They come in a variety of sizes, colors and varieties. The most common is the bulb, which can have a yellow, white, purple or red skin. Fresh onions are known as sweet onions and have a less intense flavor. Purple onions are delicious raw and in salads, while yellow onions are practically made for soups and stews. Pearl onions are also part of this family, and they are teeny tiny and are delightful when pickled!



The distant cousin of garlic, shallots grow as bulbs and must be peeled. Their distinctive shape and taste make them a true favorite amongst both home and gourmet chefs. They often appear brown or a reddish coppery color and taste like a blend of sweet onion and savory garlic.

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