Back to School with Beetnik!

Posted On: September 7, 2015

Can you feel it? The leaves are turning a beautiful burnt orange, backpacks are getting stuffed with pencils and notebooks, and lunches are being packed all over the country. It’s BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! The best time of all! We know from experience that our family needs a hearty lunch in order to get through the day and after school activities, so make sure to pack something with good, clean ingredients.

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What Do We Pack?

Our prepared frozen meals are an excellent source of grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken and organic vegetables. In fact, they’re ALL organic! And with no preservatives or hormones, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones are eating a 100% clean meal.

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What Do I Need?

Depending on how long it takes from freezer to lunchtime, one thing is certain: you should invest in an insulated lunch box. The insulation will keep things in a fridge-like environment with your frozen meal inside. You will also need one or two of our (on sale!) frozen meals. You can find them here.

Should I Use An Ice Pack?

Yes! Despite the fact our prepared meals are frozen and will keep other items cool, you should keep an extra ice pack in the cooler to ensure the safety of the food. Alternatively, you could freeze an organic juice pack and keep it with the organic meal. If you or your child have access to a freezer, this is obviously the best choice.


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