Beef Tenderloin with a Parmesan and Mushroom Crust

Posted On: April 17, 2013


  • 4 Beetnik beef tenderloin filets
  • 2 TBSP olive oil
  • 1 TBSP butter

Confit Tomatoes

  • 8 tomatoes
  • 8 oz olive oil
  • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped
  • 1 thyme sprig
  • pinch sugar

Fondant Potatoes

  • ¼ pound of fingerling potatoes
  • 1 TBSP butter
  • 1 garlic clove, finely chopped
  • 1 thyme sprig
  • 8 oz chicken stock or water
  • salt

Asparagus and Snow Peas

  • 20 green asparagus spears
  • a few snow peas

Mushroom and Parmesan Crust

  • 2 TBSP butter
  • 2 cups mushrooms, finely chopped
  • salt and freshly ground pepper
  • 5 chives, finely chopped
  • 1 cup parmesan cheese, coarsely grated


  • chives
  • sliced mushrooms, pan fried



Confit tomatoes: Remove the stems from the tomatoes and make a shallow, cross-shaped incision on the base of each tomato. Lower the tomatoes into boiling water for 10 seconds. Remove with a slotted spoon and drop immediately into a bowl of cold water. Peel off skins. Cut the tomatoes into petals. Heat the olive oil in a frying pan over low heat. Add tomatoes to the heated oil. Add the garlic, thyme and pinch of sugar. Cook over low heat, about 45 minutes. Gently remove the tomatoes from the oil, place on parchment paper, reserve.

Fondant potatoes: Preheat the oven to 350 F. Peel the potatoes, cut in half. Color potatoes in butter. Fit potatoes snugly into a shallow ovenproof dish. Add garlic and thyme. Pour in stock to come the top of (but not cover) the potatoes. Sprinkle with salt, and bake in oven for 30-40 minutes. Baste frequently during cooking (do not allow the stock to evaporate completely; if necessary, add a little water). The cooking liquid will be absorbed by the potatoes.

Asparagus and snow peas: Trim the asparagus and peel the bottom of the spears. Fill a bowl with ice cold water and set aside. Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil and add a pinch of coarse salt. Add asparagus spears, cook until a vivid green, about 3 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon, refresh in the iced water bath. Drain and reserve. Repeat for the snow peas.

Mushroom and Parmesan crust: Heat the butter in a pan. Add the chopped mushrooms and sauté until cooked, about 5 to 10 minutes. Season; add the chives, and half the Parmesan cheese. Stir and remove from the heat once the cheese has melted.

Beef tenderloin: Remove the beef tenderloin from the refrigerator 5-10 minutes prior to cooking and season. Heat the oil in a frying pan; add the beef and the butter. Cook for 10-12 minutes, turning once. Spoon the butter and oil over the beef to keep it moist. Remove from the heat while still rare or medium if desired, and rest on a rack for 10 minutes. Spoon some of the cooked mushrooms and Parmesan cheese onto the top of the beef. Gently but firmly mold the top so that the crust stays in place, sprinkle with remaining Parmesan. Transfer the beef to the oven for a few minutes to brown the mushroom and Parmesan crust.

To serve: Place the confit tomato onto the plate in a round that is slightly larger than the portion of beef. Set the crusted beef tenderloin on top. Garnish with asparagus, snow peas, and potatoes on the side. Decorate with pea shoots, chives and mushroom pieces.

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