Fast, Delicious & Organic: Our Best Gluten Free Pasta Recipes

Posted On: May 13, 2016

May is Celiac Awareness month, so we’re here to spread the word and help the best way we know how: through food!

Organic Tenderloin with Gluten Free Fettuccine and Vegetables

This dish brings together our two favorite things: grilling meat and family style dishes. The pasta and the steak were prepared at about the same time, so it was a breeze to put together! We used red peppers and local summer vegetables, but you can use whatever you have on hand!


Gluten Free Rotini with Grass Fed Ground Beef & Spinach 

Hearty and full of flavor, this pasta mix is sure to fill you and your family up. Grass fed ground beef, marinara sauce and spinach come together for this delectable and easy recipe. This pasta tastes even better the next day, so make sure to keep some for lunch!


Gluten Free Spring Herbed Salad

We love cooking and make sure to include something for everyone at our table. Served hot or cold, this gluten free pasta is a great addition to your spring and summer cookouts!



Gluten Free Carrot & Prosciutto

The perfect way to sneak some vegetables into your daily diet, this pasta is packed with carrots, red peppers, garlic and homemade chicken stock. Crispy prosciutto and shaved parmesan complete this fresh and savory pasta dish.


Organic Ribeye with Sweet Potato “Noodles” with Sage Butter Sauce

Ok, so this technically pasta, but it’s still gluten free! Spiralized veggies are an excellent alternative to pasta and add an extra serving of veggies to your day. We paired our sweet potato “noodles” with a buttery sage sauce and a hearty dose of kale. The addition of cinnamon and pecans made this a warm salad a delicious option for cozy, colder nights.


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