Bison – The Other Grass Fed Meat

Posted On: September 6, 2013
As more and more Americans become invested in the health issues associated with grain fed meat, bison has emerged as an enticing alternative for those of us looking for a lean and grass-fed protein option.  Indigenous to North America, bison are free to roam and feed solely on grass and hay. The National Bison Association has passed numerous resolutions stating that bison may not be fed any antibiotics or hormones, which removes the guess work for consumers interested in grass fed and finished meat.
Bison, like beef, comes in many different cuts and provides us with a nutrient dense, low fat, low cholesterol meat option. Rivaling salmon in the healthy fat department, a bison’s lifetime diet of greens results in a higher concentration of Omega-3 fats.
Beetnik knows that its customers are interested in all kinds of healthy protein options, which is why we took on the tremendous task of testing it out during our staff lunch. We know-  it isn’t easy, but someone has to do it!

Chef David used only what we had readily available in our test kitchen and came up with a delicious spread! He whipped up a stuffing made with ground bison, pistachios, basil and veal stock, and then stuffed it inside fresh zucchinis and butternut squash.  After picking some fresh basil and rosemary from our garden, we paired the grilled bison rib-eye and bison tenderloin with our signature jalapeno cheese polenta and were blown away by the bison’s flavor and lean texture. Adding to the already ample feast, our chef threw in huge plate of gulf shrimp, cooked to perfection in a spicy tomato sauce with red peppers and topped with bits of cotija cheese.
Overall, we very much enjoyed the leanness and quality of the grass-fed bison meat and it’s something we could consider putting on our table in the future.

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