Bone-in or Boneless Cuts: What’s the difference?

Posted On: January 26, 2014

In case you haven’t noticed, grass-fed beef is extremely important to us. Yes, you know those people who gasp out loud when they see a perfectly marbled ribeye or a resting tenderloin, fresh from the grill- that’s us! We can talk about beef until the cows come home – no pun intended (okay, maybe a little intended).

We’re always listening to what our loyal Beetnik’s have to say and we’ve gotten some questions about the difference between bone-in steaks and boneless steaks and we’re here to answer them! Bone-in steaks can be intimidating – how do you cook it, how long, does the bone interfere with the temperature – all of these are totally valid questions and can be overwhelming to think about. Thankfully, we love questions like this and can’t wait to explore it with ya’ll!

The Main Difference: Flavor

Not to put it too plainly, but one cut of meat has the bone attached. The other does not. For instance, Beetnik has two cuts of ribeye: bone-in and boneless. Both are marbled to perfection, come from grass-fed and finished cows and can make your heart sing with happiness (maybe that’s just us). Not only does bone-in meat have a rich flavor, the texture differs. Imagine making stock from bones – all the water absorbs the flavor and minerals, just like the meat does whilst cooking near the bone. Now, we’re not saying that your naturally boneless cuts are less juicy (think tenderloin and brisket), they are just a different type of juicy. Bone-in meat incredibly flavorful, contains just the perfect amount of fat and who let’s be honest, who doesn’t like pretending they’re a dinosaur while at the dinner table?

The Value of Grass-Fed Bones

We enjoy bone-in ribeye for the minerals and for the sheer fact we love re-purposing bones for gut healing bone broth. Saving the bones from your rib-eye can lead to a delicious broth, packed with nutrients and minerals. It’s a surprisingly easy recipe that can help with intestinal issues, skin issues and promoting a healthy sleep cycle and calming effect.

The Conclusion

Bone-in steak is nothing to be intimidated by. It’s something every grass-fed beef lover should try at least once in their life! Our ancestors roasted meat on the bone and were fond of the marrow and stews made from the bones. To this today, many countries around the world use bone-in meat cuts. Instead of shying away from what you may think of as extra work associated with bone-in cuts, take the plunge and test it out! You’ll never know until you try it. Who knows, you may just become obsessed with it…like us!


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