Clean Eating for the Aspiring Home Chef (and our 2016 Resolutions!)

Posted On: December 28, 2015

Happy 2016, Beetniks!

The New Year is here and resolutions are in full swing! We love setting goals throughout the year, so resolutions are just icing on the cake for us. After back to back holidays and dining with friends and family for  Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day and New Years (the list goes on!) we’re almost ready for a detox! Key word: almost. While we don’t dive head first into juice cleanses and restrictive diets, we’ll spend a little time paying more attention to what we cook in the new year. But before we dive into our plan for the aspiring home chef, we asked our Beetnik team for their 2016 New Year’s Resolutions! Here’s what we found out:


“I’m giving up soda, too much sugar. Replacing with Topo Chico. Replacing Chips and Queso with Chips and Guac. Run 10 Miles a week. Make more furniture. Try to stop losing socks.” – Michael 
“To watch less Real Housewives on Bravo! but seriously…” – Bron
“I think one resolution I’m sure to strive for in 2016 is to “dare greatly” in everything and to take some educated risks this coming year!” – Teal 
“I’m going to learn how to do a cartwheel! I’m also going to learn how to perfect a gluten free puff pastry recipe! Because who doesn’t love a puff pastry!” – Tamara
“1) Learn to Texas Two-Step! I can do the basics, but in 2016 you can find me at the White Horse learning all the fancy spin moves. I even have new cowboy boots to start the year right!
2) Properly address my food allergies. I’ve been battling unidentified food allergies for a few years, so in 2016 I’m working with a nutritionist and my doctor on an elimination diet with lots of organic grass fed meats, wild caught seafood, and organic fruits and vegetables to be able to focus in on what had been making me sick. I’m looking to greater clarity on my individual nutritional needs in 2016 and spending a lot more time in my kitchen, making healthy food where I can have full control over the ingredients going into my body.” – Meaghan

Now – on to our guidelines for the aspiring home chef!

Here’s some of our ideas:

1. Keep it simple and eat REAL food. Focus less on calories and macro-nutrients (number of carbs, fats, etc.) and more on fueling yourself with real food. Whole foods that you can see in your hands and identify on a plate. Steak and a side of broccoli. Potatoes and eggs (and not the boxed kind!).

2. Read your labels. Look at the ingredients on the package. Can you pronounce them out loud? (Thiamine mononitrate, anyone?) Avoid packaged foods and stick to fresh or frozen organic products with real ingredients. (That package of frozen lima beans should only have one ingredient!)

3. Stay on the outer aisles of the grocery store. You’ll notice that most of the whole, fresh foods make up the outer area of your local grocery store. Shop the produce aisle and pick up whatever you need on hand (we’ve got you covered when it comes to protein), and avoid the boxed packages!

4. Cook! Cooking is absolutely essential when it comes to clean eating. If you don’t consider yourself an amazing cook, take a look at some of our blog recipes for inspiration. If that’s still too daunting, try out our 100% organic, gluten free paleo friendly prepared meals. They all have simple and organic ingredients.

5. Keep your pantry and freezer stocked. Take advantage of sales and freezer sales and stock up! Our 5 oz grass fed tenderloins are the perfect size and portion, so make sure to keep some on hand and you’ll never be without clean ingredients again!

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