Clean Eating With a Hectic Schedule

Posted On: April 4, 2017

Think you’re too busy to eat healthfully? Think again! Clean eating doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. In fact, there are plenty of tactics that can help you eat a nutritious, clean diet even when you lead an eventful or hectic lifestyle.

Use the following tips and strategies as you work to balance a busy life with a clean diet:

Plan ahead

If you want to stick to clean eating, you should know it pays to plan ahead. Meal planning for the week can prevent the sense of panic that sets in when you don’t know what you will make for dinner. This also makes everyday life easier, especially after a long or hectic day.

Dedicate a day to shop

If you want to eat healthfully, dedicate one day to shopping. Visit your favorite grocers and prepare your haul for the coming week. Clean out the fridge, and fill it with pre-made lunches, dinners and fresh produce that you can use all week long.

Do your research

Seek out organic markets, farmers markets and produce stands either online or on social media. Use their offerings as a guide for shopping day to find the best foods to prepare for the week ahead. Don’t risk having to make extra trips to the grocery store to complete a dish, since all this running around can add up over time and may not be the best food for your money. Visit vendors that offer local, organic produce, which is good for your family and the local economy.

Grow your own

If you want the convenience of picking and eating your own foods, you can plant some low-maintenance produce in small beds or easy-to-maintain container gardens. Don’t try to plant an entire crop of different veggies; instead, stick to one or two hardy, native species that you can enjoy all season without spending hours each day tending gardens. If you are wary of planting vegetables, try starting with a windowsill herb garden in the kitchen. This small collection of herbs can add a lot of flavor to your favorite dishes. Plus, the herbs are easy to grow! Anyone in your family can take part in choosing the latest herb for the pot.

Invest in farm shares

Join Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) for farm shares that provide seasonal fruits and vegetables, often delivered right to your door. This option provides convenience during a busy schedule but also can be a cost-efficient way to access the season’s freshest and cleanest produce. Some growers and farmers may also offer organic honey, baked goods, specialty breads, or even proteins such as grass-fed beef and cruelty-free chicken; ask about these provisions when joining.

Stock Up on Healthy Frozen Meals

Stock your freezer with healthy frozen meals and sauces, such as those available Beetnik Foods, for fresh, organic, ready-made meals and sauces that fit your busy lifestyle. These foods are gluten-free and made with organic, humanely raised, grass-fed beef or chicken. Having a ready supply in the freezer can save you a lot of time after a long day, and it doesn’t require you to cook your favorite meals from scratch.

Use these tips to eat a clean and healthy diet, even when you lead a very busy life. Also, consider making it easier on yourself by stocking up on healthy, organic ready-made meals from Beetnik Foods, which offers frozen meals with a focus on nutrition. This provision can be a quick and healthy option for clean eating with a hectic schedule.

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