Cooking Myths: Cast Iron Skillets

Posted On: February 3, 2016

Welcome to Cooking Myths, where we debunk the tall tales told in kitchens all over the world! First up, cast iron skillets. 

Some hate them, some can’t live without them. While you can find them in your local grocery or home goods store, many are passed down from generation to generation, some are found at estate and garage sales and others, others just know that they don’t want to cook with them at all!

We don’t use a cast iron for everything, but we can’t deny its appeal while searing a steak or popping a pork chop in the oven. Some stay away from them because they feel that they’re just too high  maitenence, but we’re here to prove that notion wrong!

Myth #1: Never Use Soap

We’re not saying put your cast iron pan in the dishwasher, but a little soap won’t destroy the seasoning on your pan. We’d shy away from brillo pads and rough scrubbing, but a light soap should do the trick. We advise re-seasoning and placing it in the oven immediately to dry.

Myth #2: Rust Ruins Cast Iron

Thor’s hammer couldn’t destroy a cast iron! Seriously, they are practically indestructible. If your cast iron has gone the way of the rust, simply wash, rinse, dry, use a small amount of cooking oil and bake at 350 for an hour.

Myth #3: No Metal Utensils 

Does Thor’s hammer count as a mental utensil? If so, we don’t advise that either. However, keep in mind that the seasoning layer on your skillet is incredibly tough – it’ll take a lot to ruin a cast iron. The seasoning is chemically bonded to the metal, so don’t worry about using metal utensils. D

Myth #4: Tomatoes Need Not Apply

This is a tricky one, because while we have cooked acidic foods in our cast iron, we try to keep it under ten minutes. In theory, the seasoning shields the food from the metal, but this may not happen if your pan has unseasoned spots. A weakly seasoned pan will transfer that metallic taste to your food, so we don’t suggest simmering a tomato sauce or anything too acidic for more than 10 minutes.




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