Deglazing: How and When to Do It

Posted On: October 20, 2015

If you aren’t familiar with the term deglazing, you are in for a treat! A tasty, saucy treat!

Surprisingly simple to do, a deglazing a pan is one of our go-to dinner hacks. With just a few extra steps, you have elevated a basic meal to something fancier and more elegant.

You deglaze your pan after sautéing or roasting a piece of meat. Remove the protein from the pan and pour any extra fat away. You’ll see that there are bits of charred food clinging on for dear life – those are what we’re after! These caramelized pieces of pure joy are made from juices of the meat. They’re filled to the brim with flavor and only need a little bit of liquid to make them sing!

Release the kraken (in this case, the flavors) by adding in your choice of liquid.  Choose your liquid and pour in enough to cover the bottom of the pan 1/4 or less. Make sure the heat is still on the pan and get to scraping the the bottom! You want to release the little crispy flavor pods into the liquid. Do not let your liquid boil more than a few seconds. Congratulations! You have now successfully deglazed a pan. You can use the resulting liquid to make a delicious sauce of gravy. In this recipe, we we used white wine to create a sauce.

What are your experiences with deglazing a pan? What are you favorite sauces? We want to hear from you! Let us know- tag us on Instagram andTwitter– or visit us on Facebook!

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