Delicious, Mouthwatering Ribeye Recipes

Posted On: September 19, 2015

We rank the grass fed ribeye high up on our “Must Know How to Cook” list – there’s just something about mastering this cut that leaves us with such a sense of accomplishment!

Cut from the front end of the rib, the ribeye is highly marbled and thick. The inter-muscular fat lends a rich flavor to the meat, distinguishing it as a solid front-runner of our high end cuts.

We love grilling, pan frying and broiling this guy – but watch out! The fat dripping may lead to flare ups, so keep tongs on hand just in case you need to rescue your rib eye a la Jean Claude van Damme!

So without further ado, here’s some of our favorite ribeye recipes:

Ribeye Steaks with Cherry Tomato Wild Mushroom Sauce

Our rib eye and the seasonal cherry tomatoes create a beautifully balanced, melts-in-you-mouth experience. The mushrooms add depth to the already rich ribeye creating a knock out recipe that will ensure your place in the “Best Home Chef Ever!” Hall of Fame.



Grilled Organic Ribeye with Beets and Squash

We love seeing the produce section of our grocery store turn into display of vegetable rainbows: bright pink swiss chard stems, peridot green tomatillos, and bright tomatoes, just yelling “grill me, grill me!” from the stands. We decided to pair some summer squash with sliced beets for a simple, refreshing salad.

This steak can feed 2-3 people easily – it’s perfect for those days when you just have one steak on hand and don’t have time to place a Beetnik order before dinner!



Ribeye Marinade – with a punch of Umami!

Made from anchovies, tamari and Dijoin mustard, this marinade packs a serious Umami punch. Curious about Umami? Head to this post to see how to recreate the “5th taste.”

featured image.jpg


Ribeye with Gluten Free Pasta and Cherry Tomatoes 

This dish brings together our two favorite things: grilling meat and family style dishes. The pasta and the steak were prepared at about the same time, so it was a breeze to put together! We used red peppers and local summer vegetables, but you can use whatever you have on hand! We used a tenderloin in the original recipe, but this can definitely serve more with a larger ribeye.








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