Five-Spice-Glazed Wild Caught Salmon

Posted On: September 23, 2015

Broiling salmon is one of the quickest ways to get salmon from our freshly delivered Beetnik cooler to our table – after thawing it takes about 3 minutes max! The sweet/savory flavor of this glaze pairs perfectly with the rich, wild caught salmon. It’s so quick to make, you’ll be enjoying dinner in no time!



Combine the tamari sauce, five-spice powder and chopped garlic. Whisk together well and cover the salmon with the mixture. Let the salmon sit for 15-30 minutes. Once ready, brush off excess liquid and place in oven safe dish. Set the broiler to high and place salmon on a rack 6 inches away [from the boiler] for 3 minutes or until desired doneness is reached. Serve with side salad or your choice of roasted vegetables! For roasting ideas, we suggest these rosemary smashed potatoes!


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