Flat Iron Steak: Everything You Need to Know

Posted On: April 8, 2014

Don’t call it a comeback! While it may not be a household name yet, flat iron steaks have been floating around many high end restaurants for quite some time now. The lack of popularity can be tied to the fact that the cut takes time to acquire, resulting in many corn-fed, industrial beef factories passing up on this tender piece of meat. This cut of steak shines when sourced from a grass-fed and finished ranch; and now that the benefits of grass-fed and finished beef are becoming common knowledge, the flatiron steak is back in the spot light!

Where does it come from?

Also known as a top blade steak, the cut comes from a flat muscle off of the shoulder blade. They are cut from the two layers of top blade and are butchered without the connective tissue. Since there are also only 2-4 flat iron steaks per head of cattle, they are not typically featured prominently in butcher cases across the country.

How does it taste?

In one word: beautifully. The cut takes to marinates effortlessly and the tenderness has been likened to that of the tenderloin. While you would think that a cut so close to the join wouldn’t be as soft, the tenderness only adds to the depth and richness of the flavor.

How to I cook flat iron steak?

The flat iron steak does well grilled over medium high heat and tastes best when not prepared beyond medium. We suggest pairing it with your favorite marinade and slicing it thin! Make sure to let it rest for a couple minutes before slicing!


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