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Posted On: April 13, 2018

At the beginning of this year, we acquired our own production facility and are now producing the food products that we sell.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, most small companies use co-packers to make their food products.  We have taken on our own manufacturing for few reasons, but first among them is consistency and quality.

When I was a student at a culinary school in Paris, one of the chefs said to me that with exactly the same ingredients and tools he would make better food than me every time.  I was at the beginning of my journey at Le Cordon Bleu, and with a science background, I wondered how that could be possible.  Isn’t cooking all about time and temperature?  I was naïve.  Technique, skill, and experience play a huge role in the creation of a great meal.  Cooking that same meal for many people and making it a consistent quality for every serving is equally tied to technique, skill, and experience.

We’re always delighted to hear the feedback of happy customers who enjoy our clean Organic frozen meals.  I hear stories of cancer survivors, children with autism, and people with gluten intolerance, food allergies, memory issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, celiac disease and other food-related issues, who eat our meals because they have found that delicious, pleasing Beetnik meals address the specific health issues that challenge them.  Some of you have made lifestyle choices around food to eliminate certain types of ingredients from your diet. Most of you are passionate about the Organic movement and what it means to the taste and quality of ingredients, the environmental benefits, and the benefits to farm workers and the farms they work on. All of you expect to have a good experience every time you eat a Beetnik Organic meal.  We have the same expectations.

We understand that every product is not going to appeal to every person.  That’s normal and it reflects the nature of personal preferences.  However, it’s incredibly disappointing when a customer doesn’t have a great experience because of inconsistencies in food production.  We know and acknowledge that this has been an issue in the past and it’s a driving factor in why we are now making our own products in our own facility.

Since taking over the production of our own products, we have added a team of five people who have almost 100 years of food making experience between them.  That experience and skill are helping us to have a much higher level of consistency in the quality of our meals.  We want every meal to be of the highest standard.

Israel Jaimes headshot

Israel Jaimes is our new director of production.  Israel’s wife, Liliana, has also joined us as director of food safety and quality.  Israel and Liliana have both spent most of their careers in the food industry.  They have been busy making changes to the techniques and processes that we employ to achieve the kind of consistency in a product that you expect.  We’re excited that their family has joined our family to make quality Organic meals.

We have already successfully completed our first Good Manufacturing Practices Audit and we’re excited about the improvements that we’re seeing every week in the consistency of the food we bring to your table every day.  Our commitment to quality is never-ending.  We care about your experience and welcome your feedback.

Thank you for being a Beetnik,


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