Four Ways to Save Big on Healthy Food

Posted On: February 3, 2015

Four Ways to Save Big on Healthy Foods

Organic, natural food can get pretty expensive. Whether you’re a college student living off of Ramen or a young family looking for ways to cut prices without sacrificing ethics or nutrition, here are a few tips to save you money.


1. Shop Locally and Seasonally

Take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. You’ll get cheaper prices on abundant fresh produce, and perfect ripeness. It’s also smart to use local crops in your cooking; it cuts down on your carbon footprint and it’s usually plentiful, thus giving you lower prices. For example, if you live in Austin like us, eat some Texas peaches for dessert or a healthy snack!



2. Choose Budget Friendly Cuts of Grass Fed Beef

While it’s perfectly fine to splurge on nice tenderloin from time to time, most of us can’t afford to keep it up every week. Learning the differences between certain types of beef  can be very advantageous when picking an inexpensive cut without sacrificing tenderness and flavor. Flank steak, skirt steak, and sirloins are more reasonably priced than say, ribeye or New York Strip.


3. Choose Organics Selectively

We highly encourage always choosing organic foods, but as they are typically very expensive, it’s important to know which ones are the least processed when choosing your cutbacks. For a good guide, the EWG has a comprehensive guide of which ones you can afford not to buy organic. Copied from their website, here are their best and worst foods for pesticide usage.

Dirty Dozen Clean 15
Worst: Apples Best: Onions
Worst: Celery Best: Corn*
Worst: Strawberries Best: Pineapple
Peaches Avocado
Spinach Asparagus
Nectarines Sweet Peas
Grapes Mangoes
Sweet Bell Peppers Eggplant
Potatoes Cantaloupe
Blueberries Kiwi
Lettuce Cabbage
Kale/Collard Greens Watermelon
Sweet Potatoes

* Editorial note: While corn may be listed as lacking in pesticides, it’s important to understand that corn requires very little pesticides because most corn in the U.S. is genetically modified to be bug resistant.


4. Shop Online

Shopping online is great because it allows you to compare prices and get deals on various products across the web. Flash frozen food keeps for a longer time, and allows you to make the most of your dollar.

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