How to Get More Vegetables Into Your Daily Diet

Posted On: October 17, 2017

More Vegetables Are Easier Than You Think

Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants, and they are ideal for providing a healthy boost to your diet. Packing more vegetables into your daily food intake is easier than you think, thanks to a few simple hacks. Read on for some creative ways of enjoying more vegetables.

Be Creative With the Juicer

Fresh juices, which are full of healthy vitamins, are easy to make with a juicer. All you need to do is add the vegetables of your choice. Try carrot or curly kale with some fruit to get a delicious drink for your breakfast. Soups are another excellent way to have a vegetable-rich meal. You can make your own in no time and then freeze the surplus for another day. Soups are a great way to use up older vegetables that easily blend with the other ingredients.

Go Meat-Free

Plan to have at least one meat-free day a week where you can get creative with vegetables. You will surely enjoy testing out new recipes, including rich pasta dishes and Moroccan tagine meals. Check out one-pot wonders such as a curry or vegetable-rich stew, which can be left to simmer whilst you do other things. A stir-fry full of vegetables is perfect for cooks on a time-crunch since it can be put together in less than 15 minutes and is a cheap yet appetizing meal.  If you can’t go meat-free, but like the stir-fry idea, try our frozen chicken and vegetable stir-fry meal.

When making one-pot dishes, do think about making double the amount so you can freeze one portion to use on a day when you don’t have time to cook. You can bulk out these dishes with tinned chickpeas or kidney beans, too. With a bit of planning, you can make several dishes on the weekend and freeze them in advance. All you’ll need to do during the week is defrost and reheat.

Grow Your Own Veggies

Anyone can grow a few vegetables, even those who have a small space. Beans will grow in a large pot, whilst salads and herbs look good in a window box, and tomatoes grow well in a hanging basket. It is easy to pick some tasty salad leaves to add to a dish; plus, you’ll find seeds of interesting varieties to add to your plate. Growing vegetables is a great hack to get fussy eaters to try something they cultivated themselves.

Prepare Your Packed Lunch

With a little preparation, you can have a colorful and varied selection of vegetables in your lunch box. Cut a few celery stalks and carrots to enjoy on their own or dip into hummus. Just keep it refrigerated overnight so it is ready to go in the morning. You can add cucumber or lettuce leaves to a sandwich, and if you make a salad, don’t add the dressing until you are ready to eat it. Having a healthy vegetable-based snack will help you avoid eating sugary food in breaks as well.

CNN also listed reasons why veggies are beneficial.  Vegetables are versatile and easy to add to your daily diet. They can make cheap meals when used efficiently; eating them seasonally means you’ll get the best flavors throughout the year. Whether it is a healthy soup for lunch or an exotic stir-fry for supper, you’ll soon be eating more vegetables without realizing the change in your lifestyle habits. Your body will thank you for it.

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