Gluten Free Pizzelle Cookies

Posted On: March 19, 2014

These light and crispy Italian cookies are traditionally served during special occasions, but we’re going to go ahead and consider every day a special occasion! Gluten free and sweet, pizzelles make for a great sweet treat and are simply incredible when paired with a piping hot cappuccino!



Combine the eggs, sugar and sunflower oil. Whisky until mixed well and fluffy. Add the lemon juice and slowly add the Gluten Free All Purpose Pancake Mix. Stir to make sure the mixture is smooth and lump free.
Heat you oil in a cask iron skillet or deep frying pan. Each tablespoon of batter should yield one pizzelle, so make sure not to crowd the pan with too many dollops of batter. Let cook until it is golden brown and then flip. If you have a pizzelle iron, feel free to use this instead. Once ready, top with your favorite preserves or hazelnut chocolate spread!



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