Grilling Fish: The Basics

Posted On: June 1, 2016

Your grill isn’t reserved for just beef and chicken; now it’s time to face your fear of fish! When choosing a fish to grill, you need to look to the heartiness of the catch. Delicate fish doesn’t work well on the grill – it gets too flaky and sticks to the grates. You’ll need something thicker like halibut, salmon, tilapia or cod. As this is a basic tutorial, you don’t need anything more to get started besides your fish, salt and pepper and some oil.

Pay Attention to the Grates!

Some folks avoid grilling fish due because they are afraid of making a ;mess when they flip it. This can happen due to a number of circumstances (incorrect flick of the wrist, too little oil, etc.) – but dirty grates are usually to blame.

Incorporate cleaning the grates into your grilling workflow. We find that doing this as soon as we finish grilling saves a lot of time and effort in the long run. Once you’re finished, simply close the lid of the grill and let it sit for 4-5 minutes. Pop the lid and brush off any residue. We recommend treating your grill like a huge cast iron skillet: use a bit of cloth dipped in vegetable or olive oil and make those grates shine!

Don’t Flip Out!

Flipping a piece of fish can be tricky, so take a deep breath and go get ’em tiger! Watch the color of the fish, once it begins to turn from translucent to opaque, it’s time to flip! And flip we must! Grab your spatula – does it have a tapered edge? Good! If you find yourself meeting resistance from the fish, give it a minute. Fish will let you know when it’s ready to turn over.

Is it Over?

Congratulations, your fish has now been flipped to the other side. What happens now? While we use a thermometer with large pieces of meat, we tend to use visual cues when it comes to fish. As soon as fish begins to flake it’s ready. Pull back a section from the center, does it flake? Is it translucent or opaque? We want an opaque fish with a touch of a translucent center. The key here is to allow the fish to keep cooking once its off the grill, so we want to catch it before it is fully done.

It’s Over!

Break out any of your favorite homemade sauces or dips, it’s time to eat! Some prefer a squeeze of lime before serving- but we’ll leave that up to you! Bon appetit!

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