10 Days for Your Body to Be Pesticide-Free (Almost)

Posted On: July 23, 2019

Organic food is nothing new. In fact, you probably wheel your grocery cart past those rows of produce items more often than not! There has been debate back and forth for some time now regarding eating all organic fruits, vegetables, and other food items, versus picking and choosing between organic and traditional foods. So, what does it mean if something is considered organic?

When it comes to our food sources, being grown organically means that the farming and production methods of the products occurred without the use of chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, or any other additives. This becomes tricky though when products that are packaged say that they are organic.

You might come across a seal on your food wrapping that states the item is “USDA Organic.” What this means is the product must be 95% organic – and the 5% leftover can have additives that are on a list that has been approved for human consumption.

Typically, you’re going to find that organic foods are going to have a heftier price tag than non-organic ones… but outside of the price tag, are there benefits to an all-organic diet? Let’s look at the research, and see what happens to your body when you start eating organically.

What Happens to Your Body When You Start Eating Organic?

how does eating all organic help your body?

A big plus to eating organic foods is that overall pesticide intake is reduced – which is imperative in decreasing the rates of developing learning disabilities, cancer, and autism (which can all be caused by harmful chemicals). There seems to be a growing correlation between organic food and a decrease in pesticides – let’s take a look at some more research!

Results of Eating All Organic Foods for 6 Days

Although there are not a lot of studies done on large groups of people regarding pesticide consumption with an organic vs. non-organic diet, there are smaller research studies that have been done. One in particular tested the urine collected from four different families within the United States.

For six days, the families ate non-organically, and then for six days they consumed an organic-only diet. After collecting samples and testing the urine from all the families after both rounds of food interventions, it was concluded that the levels of pesticides within the urine of the participants dropped significantly after being on the organic diet.

With a 70% drop in organophosphates and a 95% drop in malathion (both of which are extremely harmful chemicals), we are led to believe that reductions in the amounts of non-organic foods that we eat can be beneficial for overall health.

Results of an Organic-Only Diet for 21 Days

We’ve seen what happens when families switch from non-organic to organic-only foods for almost a week…but what happens if that timeframe is stretched out longer? One family in particular got to find out.

For a study lasting 3 weeks, a family ate a non-organic diet for the first seven days. This was followed up by obtaining urine samples from participants, all of which were found to contain insecticides and chemicals. For the following fourteen days, the family switched over to a diet of all organic foods; and subsequently, the pesticides in their urine levels slowly declined every day.

organic food and pesticides

Essentially, these types of studies show us how potent those pesticides can be in a more conventional diet; however, they also show us that these harmful chemicals can be drastically reduced by switching over to an all-organic diet.

With pesticides present in non-organic foods that are very prevalent in today’s society, it’s clear that the level of toxicity they present can lead to changes in the development of children’s brains, and can cause mental and physical developmental delays. If you’re willing to pay a premium price to obtain these organic products, you’ll not only be improving your health, but you’ll also be limiting the amount of toxic and harmful chemicals and pesticides into your body…and all within a week to ten days!

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The information in this article shall not be construed as medical or nutritional advice. Please consult your health care provider regarding any health-related decisions.

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