How to Chiffonade Fresh Basil

Posted On: May 3, 2016

Chiffonade, a preparation of shredded or finely cut leaf vegetables.

It sounds much fancier and trickier than it really is – we promise! A chiffonade of basil is a simple way to add color or a more refined garnish to your finished dish. Slicing the basil into a super thin ribbon is simple and easy to do. Learn the exact steps here!

Step One: Gather your basil and wash gently. We picked ours from our herb garden outside the Beetnik office. We have enough basil outside to supply half the population of Brunei with large mason jars full of pesto – it’s getting little out of hand!

Step Two: Stack your basil on top of each other. Try to stack them from large to small, as we are aiming for a “basil burrito” effect and do not want any basil getting loose!


Step Three: Basil burrito time! Gently roll the basil together to create a tight, cigar-like roll. Hold it gently against the cutting board.


Step Four: Time to chop! Starting from one end of the basil roll, thinly slice the across to create thin ribbons.

Step Five: Add immediately as a garnish to your favorite dish! We added to our jalapeño cheese polenta, as we are completely obsessed with the flavor combination of the nutty polenta and fresh basil.


Beetnik Tips:

  • Basil bruises easily, so make sure to handle it gently and to use a very sharp knife.
  • Basil works very well raw and added at the last minute. The heat from your fish will warm up the herb and unlock that delicious basil aroma!
  • You can use this technique with any of your favorite herbs or salad – arugula, sage, and mint all work very well when sliced into tiny ribbons.

What would you like to see us demonstrate in the test kitchen? Find us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter with @beetnikfoods and share your ideas!

Bon appétit, ya’ll!

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