How to Eat Organic on a Budget – Where to Buy Organic Food

Posted On: January 8, 2019

Your body is a temple. What you put into it, you get out of it. Considering that you only get one body in your lifetime, it’s worth ensuring that you are putting in the best types of nutrients. Whether it’s meat or vegetables, organic food is richer in essential nutrients, lower in calories, and tastes better too!

However, when it comes to eating an organic diet, one of the most common assumptions is that it comes with a pretty heavy price tag. What if we told you a few tricks of the trade on how you can eat organic food on a budget?

How to Eat Organic on a Budget

With this blog, we’re aiming to help you do exactly that! We want to change the way people view this lifestyle to make organic ingredients easily accessible for people of all financial backgrounds by listing out several ways on how to start eating organic on a budget.

Utilize Your Freezer

In addition to buying pre-frozen meals, you can also make your own! Can you believe one third of all food ends up wasted? Of these statistics fruits and vegetables have some of the highest rates.

A great tip for how to shop organic on a budget is to buy your favorite organic fruits and vegetables in bulk during peak season when it’s the most inexpensive. You can freeze whatever portion you aren’t planning to use right away and save it for eating during the off-season. Not only does this save you money during the off-season, but it’ll also help ensure you are not wasting food.

For even more savings, you can find inexpensive organic food in the frozen food section of your local grocery store.  In most cases, frozen organic food at the store will be much cheaper than the fresh version. Once it is defrosted and prepared correctly, there’s little to no difference in taste!

While you’re navigating the frozen food isle of your favorite grocery store, be sure to check out Beetnik’s organic ready meals. Beetnik has dozens of culturally inspired frozen organic meals which can make eating organic on a budget even more exciting. And the best part about it? No dish cleaning is required!

Take Advantage of Sales and Coupons

Shopping organic on a budget effectively can take a bit of pre-research before heading down the grocery store isles. If you know what you are going to get at the grocery store, check online for retailer coupons before leaving the house. Many food manufacturers, including Beetnik, offer coupons online that are widely accepted.

You can also pick up a store flier and base your purchasing decisions around the current sales of the week. If you are lucky enough to find ‘buy one get one free’ sales, take advantage and load up! You can save some serious money while shopping organic by stacking coupons and discounts.

Skip the Minor Conveniences

You know the saying, time is money. Ultimately, anything that will save you time in the kitchen will be costing you more money too. A perfect example of this is pre-packaged salad mixes. For the same price of a pre-mixed organic salad bag, you can buy each ingredient individually and make triple the amount of salad for the same price. In most cases, making your own salads will even last longer too.

how to eat organic on a budget

Buy Bulk

On the contrary you can save a ton of cash by actively choosing minor inconveniences. Learning how to buy organic food on a budget means opting into buying unpackaged foods from the bulk providers. Most organic supermarkets will have lentils, spices, dried fruits, and everything in between, inside of bulk containers. If you are really trying to stretch your dollar, bring a measuring cup with you. You can measure exactly how much of an ingredient you need for your recipes instead of paying for excess.

Support Local Farmers

There are several ways that you can pay less for fresh organic ingredients by supporting your local farmers. First, you can check your area for any organic pick-your-own farms. What’s not to love about an exciting interactive experience that saves you money?

Many areas also have a variety of local farmer’s markets. If you go to a farmer’s market near the time they close, you may be able to negotiate prices. Farmer’s will be much more willing to cut their prices in order to reduce the amount of product they have to transport back to the farm.

Another option to consider is buying a share in a community-supported agriculture program (CSA). With a CSA you pay a fixed-price up front for share of the farmer’s crop. This is a great way to support local farm’s while getting a weekly box of fresh produce.

Eat Organic on a Budget with Beetnik Foods

Although organic food can be considered a premium product, it doesn’t always mean you have to pay premium prices. These examples are just some of many ways that you can choose to shop organic on a budget. All it takes is a little strategic planning. By being mindful about how you shop you’ll never have to sacrifice quality ingredients for your budget again!

Shop Beetnik today to stock up on affordable ready-made organic meals without having to sacrifice quality ingredients. You can save even more when you try one of Beetnik’s value packs which is a great way to try all of the most popular meals we have to offer!


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