How to Preserve Your Fresh Herbs

Posted On: April 7, 2016

We love having fresh herbs on hand, but know that in some parts of the country that may not be easy during the cold fall and winter months. We’ll be tackling the harvesting and preservation of herbs in a two part series, so make sure to come back next week for a new way to enjoy your herbs year round!

How To Preserve Your Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil

Freezing your herbs in oil perserves the flavor and prevents the herbs from freezer burn once frozen. Most dishes call for oil, so these are serve as an extemely convinent way to add both herbs and oil to your dish. For instance, if your recipe calls for sauteeing chopped onions, simply drop a cube of frozen herb oil and watch (or smell!) as the onions become infused with the flavor of the herbs.

Step One: Gather your “hard” herbs. Hard herbs refer to herbs that preserve well, while soft herbs include herbs that are typically added fresh and raw to dishes (basil, dill, etc). Herbs like rosemary, sage and thyme are perfect for this method. You can chop them or leave them in larger, full pieces.

chopped herbs


Step Two: Add your herbs to an ice cube tray. We suggest really, really packing them in. Fill them to the top and make sure you organize them so that you know which herbs are which when you’re cooking!

herbs in cube

Step Three: Add olive oil to the herbs. Fill to the top and be careful when placing in the fridge. Cover and place in the freezer overnight.

herbs in the oil


Step Four: Remove the cubes and place in plastic bags for later use. Add to soups, roasts, anywhere you would use oil and herbs!



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