Is Frozen Food Bad for You? – Learn How You Can Have It All!

Posted On: May 28, 2019

You’re health conscious, but the convenience of frozen food appeals to you. Today, we’ll answer the big question on your mind: “Does frozen food lose nutritional value?” Let’s assess the effects these frozen food options could have on your health and begin to understand that you can have it all.

The freezer section of the grocery store does not have to be off limits. Sure, there’s plenty in those cold glass cases that you should avoid, but there’s also plenty of the good stuff. You just have to know what to look for. Ready to learn a few things? Keep reading, friends.

Does Food Lose Nutritional Value When Frozen?

You may be thinking that absolutely all frozen food is highly processed. It’s a turn-off for you. Are frozen meals bad for you, though? Are they really processed to the max?

Some are, but you have a trick up your sleeve – you can read the nutrition facts. Flip that package over and check out those ingredients. Some innovative companies out there can deliver the convenience of frozen food without the additives and preservatives!

Is Fresh Best?

It’s the word on the street, isn’t it? Go fresh or go home. That seems to be the mantra of all healthy eaters out there today. But what if you’re missing a significant opportunity?

Fresh foods waste away quickly. In fact, even before you purchase them, fresh foods are already on their journey toward spoiling. You must consume and consume quickly.

Did you know that frozen food can be better for you? Sorry if we just blew your mind there. It’s true, though. If you’re making it a point to avoid the preservatives and additives, then you’re on the right frozen track.

Here’s the Skinny on Fresh vs. Frozen

Fresh foods are often picked before they’re ripe. Days and even weeks pass before that veggie or fruit touches your plate. Over time, your fresh produce has been losing nutrients. So, is fresh really all that “fresh?”

Is frozen food good for health? If you want maximum nutrients, then it is! We know a thing or two about frozen foods here at Beetnik. Our farmers harvest food when it’s ripe. It reaches us before the nutrients have left the building. We believe in freezing. We like it when our customers are getting max nutritional benefit from their meals without having to add any preservatives.

Check out Beetnik’s frozen organic meals right now! You’re going to love our menu.

Is Frozen Food Bad for You?

are frozen meals good for you?

You’re still skeptical? For so long, we’ve been concerned with frozen food health risks. And rightfully so. Decades back, things weren’t looking so great in the freezer aisles.

It’s what set us on a better path here at Beetnik. It’s what made us get our organic, grass-fed, humanely-raised, gluten-free act together! Is frozen food bad? This answer is no. We’re not knocking fresh produce – we use it to prepare our frozen organic meals. We’re just saying – frozen isn’t what it used to be.

Frozen foods aren’t always high in sodium. They don’t expire quickly. Frozen foods can even be the more expensive option during certain seasons of the year. But they’re cheaper and healthier than opting for takeout or delivery. Read our article about how to eat organic on a budget!

Did you know that a study of frozen, canned, and fresh fruits and veggies was conducted? It revealed something interesting and surprising with variations in storage and cooking methods. The nutritional content was about the same in both fresh and processed produce! Wild, huh?

Hooray for frozen!

What Frozen Foods Are Good for You?

does food lose nutritional value when frozen?

We think you get it now. Is frozen food healthy? You’re finally coming around to the idea that it can be. Here’s a super short list of some frozen foods to buy:

  • Frozen vegetables
  • Frozen fruit
  • Frozen meals that use only the best organic ingredients (like Beetnik!)

What to avoid in the freezer aisle?

  • Most frozen pizzas
  • Most frozen snacks
  • Frozen meal companies who don’t believe in the best organic ingredients

Bottom line? Read the label, check those ingredients, and watch for that “USDA Organic” green and white seal. Be choosy when it comes to what you’re putting into your body. But also know that this isn’t your grandmother’s world anymore. We’ve said goodbye to freezer burn and preservatives. We’ve learned to rely on the beauty of freezing alone.

Try Beetnik’s Organic Frozen Dinners Today!

We always smile when people ask, “But are frozen meals good for you?” We have so much to show the world about nature’s pause button. Freezing is a natural phenomenon that we should take advantage of – and at Beetnik we do!

Don’t forget to shop Beetnik today! Look for the coupon on our website!


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