Make It Stretch: Polenta for Breakfast!

Posted On: January 21, 2015

The perfect blend of heat and creaminess, our jalapeño cheese polenta can be dressed up or down, depending on what kind of mood you’re in! It’s delightfully doughy and slightly grainy, so it takes to sauces and spices quite well.



Polenta & Eggs

If you find yourself lagging before lunch, maybe it’s time to start fortifying your breakfast choices. Adding polenta as a side to your eggs will perfectly complete your body’s need for protein, healthy fat and carbohydrates. Our polenta is gluten free, so it can easily replace your toast or muffin while still filling you up.

Polenta & Steak 

You will find no arguments about pairing steak with polenta here. Taken earlier this week, our Chef made a quintessential Beetnik breakfast: flat iron steak and spinach on a bed of polenta. Oh, and our gluten free BBQ sauce. That’s one heck of a good morning.


Polenta & Spinach Bake

A great way to pack a lot of nutrients in one go, this bake is perfect for early mornings when you simply don’t have time to turn on the stove. Simply thaw your polenta in the fridge the night before. Mix with blanched spinach and pop in an oven for 20 minutes, checking every 10 min or so. Top with your favorite grated cheese and season with salt & pepper.



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