Meal Planning & Staying Healthy During the Holiday Season

Posted On: December 12, 2015

Tree shopping, holiday parties, gifts for everyone you’ve ever had human contact with, etc – we know that the last month of the year can be busy. Between wrapping presents, trimming the tree, finding recipes for parties and office potlucks it’s a wonder we remembered to put on shoes this morning, much less cook a balanced meal during the week. Even though time is moving at warp speed we know we need to keep up with our meal planning in order to stay sane! So instead of resorting to back-of-the-fridge items for dinner, (we see you, questionably old cheese sticks!), try some of these tips instead:

Order in Advance

Make it easy on yourself and make sure you have enough ready to go items on days when you can’t even imagine cooking. Stock up on some of our prepared meals like Peruvian stew, Moroccan chicken and beef chili. They’re  all extremely delicious choices that be taken from oven to table within a couple of minutes. Just make sure to order before the 20th for Christmas delivery!  And say no to the old cheese stick!

Stock Up On Convenience 

Imagine a 100% organic dinner option that can be made in under 4 minutes. Sounds too good to be true, huh? While it is too good, it’s definitely still true. Our organic frozen meals are little gourmet dinners rolled into one. Gluten free pasta, organic mushrooms and a creamy sauce make up our Stroganoff. Ground beef and rich spices come together to create a fragrant and delicious Kheema dish.  It may sound like a ton of work but no worries, they’re prepared for you already! Simply follow the directions on the packages and you’ll have delicious side dishes on the table in no time. Pair with a side salad and these are all easy tweaks to make dinnertime effortless and simple.

Make the List and Check it Twice (and take a look at the calendar!)

Since you’ve taken advantage of Beetnik’s Free Shipping on orders over $100 to stock up on your wild caught fish, grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken, stay on track and plan your meals around those items. Write down the items you’ll need at the store and stick to it. Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your calendar – you may not be home on certain nights so make sure not to thaw any items that morning.

Prep Your Veggies

Once you come home with your grocery haul go straight to the kitchen and chop up those veggies! Take the time to slice your sweet potatoes, dice your butternut squash, grate your carrots – whatever it is that can help you move quicker throughout the week.

What are you go-to tricks to staying healthy during the holidays? Tag your culinary creations on FacebookInstagram with Twitter @beetnikfoods

Bon appétit, ya’ll!

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