Meet The Oyster, Your New Favorite Part of Chicken

Posted On: December 5, 2015

Known as “the chef’s reward,” the oyster is one of the most coveted part of a roast chicken. Wars have been fought, ships have sailed, families embark on traditional arm wrestling matches – all over this delicious piece of tender meat. Ok ok, we may have eggagerated, but we’ll still arm wrestle for that oyster.

What are the oysters?

The oysters are the two, round, oyster shaped pieces of dark meat that can be found on either size of a whole chicken’s backbone. Known for it’s tender flavor, the oysters are protected by the chicken’s body from harsh oven heat. That meats they’re roasted in their own fat and full of tasty fat.


Where is it?

You can find these tasty little morsels tucked away on the spine of the chicken. According to, “When the legs are removed for eating, look for a little round meat towards the bird’s cavity, near the spine.” It takes a bit of finess to coax them out of their area, and you have to know what you’re looking for while butchering. This is what leads to sneaky chefs treating themselves – they know how to find it!




How do I prepare it?

Simply prepare your chicken the way you would normally! You find the oyster while carving, so get to roasting! Let us know how you enjoy your new tasty treat!



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