No Fail Method: Wild Caught Fish

Posted On: January 8, 2016

Rich, buttery and full of omega-3 fatty acids, our wild caught white fish are the perfect way to ensure your 2016 is off to a healthy start. Our sablefish, halibut and cod are all packed with B12, magnesium and potassium and high in protein. Hailing from Kodiak, one of the richest suppliers of sustainable seafood on Earth, our seafood can be prepared quickly and with little cleanup. Here are our favorite “no-fail” methods of preparing white fish:


Pan Seared

Set a skillet over medium high heat and add your desired cooking oil. Season your fish with salt and pepper and add to pan, skin side up. Cook without turning for 3 minutes. Flip fish and cook fish until done to taste, 2 to 4 minutes longer.

Example of this method: Sablefish a la Meunière

Lightly fried and battered, this elegant sauce is one of the classic French methods for preparing fish. Named for the millers wife (indicating the use of flour), this sauce is best with your favorite white fish – we used Beetnik’s wild caught sablefish. If you don’t have sablefish on hand we recommend cod.

raw sablefish

Oven Roasted

Roasting fish is one of our go-to weeknight options. We love the idea of adding organic vegetable and other roast-able delicacies to the pan  to the pan while roasting our fish, it limits clean up and makes putting dinner on the table a feat we can accomplish even when we’re exhausted! Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Spread a small dollop of olive oil and spread over the fish. Season with salt and pepper. Place in oven for 8-10 minutes.

Example of this method: Thyme Roasted Halibut with Herb Butter Sauce

The combination of herbed butter with the already buttery taste of the halibut may seem overwhelming at first glance – but after our first bite we were hooked. Roasted until flakey, our wild caught Alaskan halibut takes on the savory and aromatic notes of the thyme and herbed butter.



en Papillote (in Parchment Paper)

Put each fish fillet in a large square of parchment paper and season with salt and pepper, to taste. Fold the paper over the fish, making sure you press as you crimp and fold to seal the packets well, as you do not want the steam to escape. Arrange the packets on a baking sheet. Bake until the fish is cooked through, about 12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the fish. To serve, cut open the packets and serve directly in the parchment on a plate or remove the fish to the plate using a spatula.

Example of this method: Asian Inspired Halibut en Papillote

Both flavorful and healthy, this colorful meal will truly brighten up your day! We’ve used parchment paper before (remember the organic chicken en Papillote?) – there’s just something about cutting open the parchment paper at the table that brings extra flare to our meal.



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