Only Organic: Start 2016 Right With These 3 Recipes!

Posted On: January 1, 2016

The turkey has been roasted, presents have been given and the halls have been decked – it’s 2016, ya’ll! We love ringing in the New Year the best way we know how: with lots and lots of tasty recipes.  After a month of indulging in every morsel we see fit to consume, we admit that we try to keep an eye on what we’re making in the new year.

#1: USDA Certified Free Range Organic Chicken: Grilled Chicken Breast with Artichoke Sauce

As as seasoned Beetnik, you know by now that our chickens are held to one of the highest standards available for humanely raised poultry: free range organic. The story of our chickens is that of legends! Our USDA certified Free Range Organic chickens are raised with access to the outdoors, have the ability to forage naturally and are raised to an age of 8 weeks which is 2-3 weeks longer than industrial chicken. You can find organic pre-cooked chicken quarters, whole chickens and breast up on our site. Once you have these delicious chickens in your hands you won’t have to go far to find recipe inspiration! You can find our tried and true chicken recipes here, on the Beetnik blog!




#2: Organic Grass Fed Beef: Organic Tenderloin with Gluten Free Pasta and Local Vegetables 

About 150 years ago, farmers began feeding their herds substantial amounts of grain. The grass fed meats that our ancestors ate were considerably different nutritionally from most of the meat now consumed in America. Returning to a diet of pasture-raised meats will provide numerous valuable nutritional benefits. You can learn more about our dedication to grass fed and organic meats here.


july-6#3: Wild

#3: Sustainable Wild Caught Fish: Basque Style Scallops

Sustainable fishing means catching our seafood responsibly and with great thought and direct attention to the health of our environment and the people whose livelihood depend on the long term effects of said environment.

While Atlantic and farmed fish comes at a lower price point, we believe that the small choices we make today can greatly influence our future. We commit to working with Alaskan fisheries due to our passion and love of food. We do what we can to support them so that future generations can look back and be proud of our choices – and so that they too can enjoy cod recipes without worrying about harming the environment and its inhabitants.


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