Is Organic Milk Worth It? | Organic Milk Price per Gallon

Posted On: March 6, 2018

While you are likely well aware by now that organic food is recommended over non-organic food, you have probably also recognized that organic food companies often price food substantially higher than their non-organic counterparts. One of the products in which this is especially prevalent is milk, which exhibits very significant price differences between organic and non-organic brands.

But is it really worth it to spend that much more on organic milk? Is non-organic milk really any less healthy? And why is organic milk so expensive anyway?

What makes milk organic? Consider these facts before you decide whether the organic milk price is justified.

What Makes Milk Organic?

The difference between organic milk and regular milk is a little more detailed than you might have originally thought. For starters, the USDA will not classify milk as organic unless is specifically adheres to a certain set of criteria, which include:

  • The milk must come from a cow that has also been certified organic
  • The cow must be fed a 100-percent certified organic diet
  • The cow must not be given any growth hormones or antibiotics
  • The organic feed consumed by the cow cannot have been treated with any pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or other unnatural substances
  • The cow must graze on organic pastures
  • The cow must be raised in conditions that are beneficial for its overall health

As you can plainly see, the major differences in breeding and manufacturing conditions serve to explain the price difference between organic and non-organic milk. But that still doesn’t answer the question, “Is it worth it to buy organic milk?”

is organic milk worth it

Both types of milk contain similar amounts of important vitamins and nutrients. However, when you consume non-organic milk, you are taking a chance that you are consuming milk that is possibly contaminated with antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and other unnatural substances.

So while the organic milk price may be more expensive, you are also paying for a product that is free from all the harmful chemicals and substances that may be contained in non-organic milk. Additionally, organic milk often contains micro-nutrients that aren’t present in most brands of non-organic milk, making it a little bit healthier in that sense as well.

Why Buy Organic Milk?

If you are health-conscious and want to support good health for yourself and your family, as well as better conditions for the cows that produce the milk and the farming environment overall, organic milk is the sensible choice. And while many people already know this, the organic milk price tends to lead them to choose the cheaper non-organic brands instead.

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It’s understandable — buying organic milk on a regular basis can put a big dent in your shopping budget, especially for larger families that consume a lot of milk. So how much is a gallon of organic milk anyway?

The average price of organic milk per gallon is $5.99, although prices can vary according to brand and the store where the milk is purchased.

Store-Brand Organic Milk Prices

You can also find the following store-brand organic milk prices:

  • Costco: $7.33
  • Trader Joe’s: $5.99
  • Whole Foods: $6.69
  • Aldi: $5.90

Still a little pricey for store brands, but you can save more if you have coupons. So is it worth buying organic milk? For better overall health, considering how important milk is to begin with, especially in the early stages of growth, the answer may very well be yes, especially if you can take advantage of coupons to purchase the milk at a less expensive price.

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