Organic Spotlight: Thai Style Beef with Coconut Rice

Posted On: June 24, 2016

Organic Spotlight: Beetnik’s Organic Thai Style Beef with Coconut Rice 

Made from 100% organic and grass fed beef, our Thai style prepared frozen meal will add a sizzle to your lunchtime! The perfect mix of spicy with a mild sweetness, this meal has quickly become one of the office favorites.

Our ingredients? 100% organic. Our organic coconut is rice made from organic coconut milk and cilantro and provides you with just the right amount of fuel to get you through your busy day! It serves as a cushy bed for the Thai spiced ground beef, which is mixed with organic onions, red bell peppers, carrots and jalapeños.

In addition to the flavorful veggies and beef, the spices that show up to play hit a home run! Organic coriander, garlic, and basil elevate this dish beyond your typical frozen meal.

You’ll notice that we don’t include any antibiotics or preservatives! If you’re thinking “this is too good to be true,” we have a challenge for you: can you pronounce every single word on our nutritional label? Do you recognize each ingredient as a whole, natural food? Notice the lack of  maltodextrin and sodium aluminum phosphate? (also, what IS that?!) The only preservative we use is a good ol’ fashioned freezer.

Have you tried our prepared organic entrees yet? If you have and would like to let us know, tag us on Instagram and Twitter – or visit us on Facebook!


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