Paleo vs. Atkins – Difference Between These Two Popular Diets

Posted On: November 28, 2018

Wondering about Paleo and Atkins diets and the lifestyle each one suits? Curious about the foods allowed in each health plan, along with the advantages and disadvantages of the diets themselves?

Read further to learn about the details and which of these two popular diets might work for you.

Paleo Diet vs. Atkins

Paleo vs. Atkins is a hot topic of comparison, so we’ll look at each one individually. You’ll notice the stark difference between Paleo and Atkins when it comes to carbohydrates. Our comparison should help you identify the dietary option that best fits your needs, goals, and lifestyle.

The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet takes its name from “Paleolithic,” a period in history where our earliest ancestors started using tools and hunting for food. They made fire and employed it in their cooking. The entire idea behind the Paleo diet is that you only consume foods which were available to the Paleolithic cavemen and women.

These individuals were hunters and gatherers. Thus, if you’re on the Paleo diet, your intake consists of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, vegetables, and fruits. As humans evolved, we saw and still see many processed options and agricultural products out there. But Paleo dieters subscribe to the idea that humanity is best adapted to these Paleolithic food sources.

Paleo Advantages & Disadvantages

Many critics of the Paleo diet are quick to point out the fact that our food preferences and digestive capabilities have certainly shifted since the Paleo years. Some evidence suggests that Paleolithic humans would’ve consumed grains and legumes, but most who adhere to the dietary plan refrain from these.

You’ll often hear Paleo dieters confirm that they’ve seen results in weight loss, improved overall health, increased levels of energy, and fewer or less intense inflammatory issues like eczema.

The Paleo Difference

Unlike Atkins, the Paleo diet allows carbs. But the carbs are conditional: they must come from fresh veggies and fruits. One should note that you are not permitted endless carbs on Paleo. A couple of pieces of fruit per day for those sugar-lovers will suffice.  As with most diets, moderation is key. Lastly, kale and greens are certainly your friends on this health plan. Because Paleo discourages the intake of dairy, calcium deficiency can be a risk.

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The Atkins Diet

A short time ago, the Atkins diet was all the rage. The diet’s mantra? No carbs! You or someone you know probably has heard about carbs and how they’re the devil. Even today, the diet proposes revisions annually. The branded food line still exists. You can find that red and blue A logo in a grocery store near you.

Proteins and fats are the focus with Atkins, while carbs are forbidden. You’re still clinging to Paleo’s meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, and seeds. But you’re adding dairy: cheese, milk, yogurt, etc.

Atkins Advantages & Disadvantages

The diet works for some because it centers on carb restriction, and can trigger ketosis (like the Ketogenic diet – see our article about Paleo vs. Keto). However, the popularity of Atkins has dwindled over the years. Evidence has shown that the diet was largely ineffective and even unsafe for some people over time.

The Atkins Difference

People argue for Atkins because essentially, you eliminate fewer foods. So, it is seen as a great starter-diet and especially good for first-time dieters. Some say it’s less expensive than Paleo, but it’s still possible to follow Paleo on a shoestring budget.

Paleo or Atkins?

Ultimately, there is no right answer for every single person. These two approaches may not work for life. When it boils down to it, you’re likely to stick with whatever tastes good to you.

Atkins tends to work better for those who are out to drop weight quickly. However, it’s essential that you’re aware of long-term risks. Paleo, on the other hand, seems to be much safer in the long haul. You do have to be careful that you’re getting all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

All About Simple Ingredients & Refined Flavor

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