Paleo vs. Keto – Difference for Weight Loss and More

Posted On: October 23, 2018

The Paleo Diet and Ketogenic Diet are popular fat-burning methods for the health-conscious consumer. Both options suit a healthy and active lifestyle, but there is a significant difference between carbohydrate intake in Paleo vs. Keto.

Learn about the differences so you can make an informed decision as to which diet is better suited for your goals.

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet focuses primarily on foods that aid in digestion. This means eliminating major food categories such as legumes, grains, and most dairy products. By consuming foods that only serve to improve digestive health, you can successfully lose weight, improve your immune system health, and better balance your blood sugar.

What is the Keto Diet?

The Keto diet focuses more on achieving weight loss by eliminating carbs. The diet was developed in the 1920s to help prevent seizures and served to alleviate the symptoms of maladies such as Type II Diabetes and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Keto diet results in fat burning and accelerated weight loss because shortly after beginning the diet, you enter a metabolic state called ketosis which helps your body burn fatty acids.

Paleo vs. Keto for Weight Loss

When it comes to helping you lose weight, both diets are effective. Keto and Paleo both eliminate grains, legumes, and refined sugars, and encourage the consumption of healthy fats such as nuts, leafy greens, and animal proteins.

The Keto diet will help you achieve rapid weight loss more quickly than Paleo, but the Paleo diet may be more sustainable.

What’s the Difference Between Keto and Paleo?

As mentioned above, the Paleo diet is more suitable as a long-term diet and results in additional health benefits. The Keto diet is more of a targeted weight-loss diet.

The Paleo diet doesn’t restrict you from eating carbs provided they come from healthy sources such as fruits, starchy vegetables, and natural sweeteners. On the other hand, the Keto diet doesn’t restrict dairy products.

Keto has a particular focus on macronutrient consumption, which is the percentage of fats, proteins, and carbs you consume. Without the right percentage, you won’t be able to enter ketosis. To be especially successful with the Keto diet, you’ll also need to be tested to be sure you’ve entered ketosis.

Choosing Keto vs. Paleo

Keto vs. Paleo diet

Despite the differences between Paleo and Keto, it is possible to be on both diets at the same time. You can start with the Paleo diet, and then eliminate carbs to reach the right macronutrient balance for ketosis to occur. Once you achieve rapid weight loss to your satisfaction, you can return to the Paleo standards to maintain your healthy lifestyle. If neither diet is right for your lifestyle, feel free to explore other diets like Paleo.

To begin either diet, you can try a series of meals well suited for the Paleo diet or the Keto diet, such as Beetnik’s Paleo frozen meals.

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