Primal vs. Paleo – What Is the Difference (If There Is One)?

Posted On: December 11, 2018

What is the difference between primal and paleo? We’ll make the comparison today and talk about foods allowed on each diet, the historical philosophies and concepts, as well as the lifestyles that these health plans suit.

Diet and lifestyle are perhaps the most important parts of our lives because when we’re healthy and energized, we open ourselves up to opportunity, success, and happiness. Join us as we explore a topic that impacts everyone in a significant way!

Primal vs. Paleo

If you’ve spent any time researching the difference between paleo and primal, then you’ve probably seen “primal” and “paleo” used interchangeably. Bottom line? Both diets are based on evolutionary science, but they are not entirely the same.

People of the western world today are not eating the way our ancestors did, thanks to the agricultural revolution. Our bodies don’t digest these newer-to-our-race foods properly. Both primal and paleo health plans suggest that we follow our ancestors’ lead. The idea is that if we eat like them, we’ll be healthier.

Similarities Between Primal and Paleo

what is primal diet?

Both diets encourage lots of veggies, fat, and protein. Together, they omit grains, gluten, and corn. Processed foods, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup are out of the question. Paleo and primal encourage plenty of exercise.

All in all, the goal of primal and paleo is the same: approach health with an ancestral perspective. Maximize nutrients and minimize toxins in the body.

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Differences Between Primal and Paleo

There aren’t many differences between these two lifestyles. The more you research, the more you’ll bump into specific opinions about the subtleties. Both diets are caveman-like. Real, whole food is the name of each dieting game, so stay away from the pseudo stuff!

Consider some of the traditional differences, but please note: over time, much of this has changed. Primal and paleo themselves have evolved. For instance, many paleo dieters now eat fermented dairy and Greek yogurt. Many nowadays don’t limit their intake of bacon and eggs either.

Historically, primal diet basics have permitted the intake of raw, fermented dairy, while paleo dieters used to steer clear of dairy, some allowing for grass-fed butter now and then. And really, that’s the most significant difference you’ll find as you research. But paleo has evolved over the years to understand that raw, fermented dairy can be good for you.

Further, some paleo diets said no to saturated fats and tried to limit their fatty meats (limiting themselves to half a dozen eggs per day, for instance). But, as we noted before, things have shifted now. Both primal and paleo enjoy the nutritiousness of saturated fats.

Other notes? Primal allows coffee while paleo does not. Legumes are restricted with paleo, but primal says they’re okay.

What Is Healthier – Paleo Diet vs. Primal Diet?

difference between Paleo and Primal

Honestly, both diets can be useful. Whether you’re looking at primal vs. paleo for weight loss, a preventative measure, or aid against disease or illness, you’re going to be better off with one of these diets than you are without. No matter which you choose, the lifestyle will yield results. You’ll most likely notice your body changing in appearance and energy.

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Should I Go Primal or Paleo?

Both primal and paleo embrace our physiology. These diets boast more similarities than anything else. They limit carbs, especially grains. For the two plans, veggies are your base. And then you add plenty of fats and proteins to the equation.

At the root of both primal and paleo is a lifestyle shift. It’s not only about food. If you’re trying to adopt this healthier lifestyle of our ancestors, then you also should consider exercise, sleep, immersion in nature, social interaction, and mental stimulation. You need natural light in your life as well as the joy of opportunity and fulfillment. All these factors of the human experience play into our overall health.

If you’re not sold on either of these diets, consider other diets like paleo that may yield results.

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