Primal vs. Paleo

Posted On: September 16, 2013

You may have been drawn to the idea of Paleolithic diet due to your gluten intolerance – or maybe you just wanted to experiment with a new way of eating and preparing your meals. For whatever reason, researching what works for you can lead you down a wormhole of different methods, ideologies and systems and it can be daunting to choose what works for your needs and lifestyle.

Today we’ll examine two of the more popular diets based on evolutionary science: Paleo  & Primal


Paleo and Primal both refer to a diet of mainly lean proteins (grass-fed beef, seafood and organ meats), vegetables, seafood, healthy fats, nuts and seeds. Avoiding items like grains, processed food, sugar, legumes starches and alcohol are all necessary on this diet. It isn’t easy cutting peanut butter or potatoes and rice from your diet, but many converts swear by their new found energy and renewed metabolism.


While both dodge grains and legumes in favor of whole, natural food – the main difference falls under the category of saturated fat and dairy. Some Paleo folks avoid use of butter (due to the dairy content) and coconut oil (due to the saturated fat content), whereas Primal purists relish in these fat sources. Dairy often falls under “Primal limbo,” while Paleo enthusiasts restrict it completely. Raw, fermented, full-fat dairy is often the go-to choice for those without lactose intolerance. Some Primal devotees enjoy full-fat greek yogurt and choose grass-fed butter over cream in their coffee.


The important thing to remember while experimenting with these diets is to do what feels right for you! If eating feta cheese hurts your stomach but eating gluten-free pasta works for you, then go for it! It’s important to listen to your body and your needs. Here at Beetnik we believe we’re all

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