How to Save Time and Money Using Organic Frozen Meals

Posted On: September 20, 2017

If nutrition wasn’t a priority in your life, you wouldn’t be reading this blog, right? Nutrition is the keystone to our overall health and well-being. Our organic frozen meals are nutritionally balanced and perfect for anyone who knows the importance of the paleo diet, Whole30 menu planning and overall clean eating.


Clean eating not only means less waste in the food production system, but also less waste in the sense of really saving you time and money. Knowing that you are preparing a meal quickly that has already been given the Beetnik stamp of approval for nutritional value gives you confidence about not only your nutritional health, but your overall quality of life.  And what could you do with that extra time and money? The culinary and other epicurean possibilities are endless with Beetnik Organic Frozen meals.

Take Time for Indulgence With Beetnik Organic Frozen Meals

Your meals are an important part of your day. According to statistics, meal shopping, planning, prep and clean-up take up a considerable amount of our precious time each week. With Beetnik, meals are delivered promptly, the planning is done by our nutrition experts, and prep and clean up time are negligible. Take your time to savor the flavor of Beetnik. Spend that valuable time enjoying the meal and socializing with friends and family.


Are you too busy to worry about healthy eating during lunch breaks, or when you’re on the way to the gym after school or work? Not with Beetnik products on hand. Our frozen meals are perfectly portable for work and can be eaten on the go on even your busiest day. Those busy days are the days when you need the powerful energy that wholesome organic frozen meals provide.

organic sesame ginger chicken

Invest in What You Enjoy the Most by Saving With Beetnik

All of our organic frozen ready-made meals, organic meatballs and pasta sauces are bursting with the wholesome flavor of organic produce and humanely-raised grass-fed beef or chicken.


Statistics show that even the lowest income families are spending thousands of dollars a year on nutrition, with higher income families spending more than ten thousand on groceries and restaurants. That’s why Beetnik products are priced to please your budget.


All of our prepared organic frozen meals offer complete nutrition with no pricing surprises. In addition, we offer cost-saving variety packs. Our popular Paleo Variety Pack includes 11 different delicious paleo meals. We also offer an exceptionally priced 30 Day Whole Food Pack to make your 30-day menu easy to plan, as well as cost-effective.


Beetnik also offers value packs in our most popular organic frozen meals, including Organic Chicken Creole, Organic Grass Fed Beef Stroganoff, Organic Thai Style Beef With Coconut Rice and many other delectable favorites.


At Beetnik we’ve got your meal budget under control, allowing you to save or spend those extra dollars on other things that you enjoy. Beetnik allows you to invest in the quality of life that you really want.

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