Spring Cleaning: Panty Edition

Posted On: April 14, 2016

Spring has sprung! We’ve tackled our freezer and removed everything we don’t need – now lets us set our sights on the pantry. Purging our pantry is a cathartic experience – it’s time to make room for new goods!

Spices & Herbs

We have a tendency to think that spices and herbs will last well into the zombie apocalypse, but they actually have an expiration date on flavor! They don’t technically “go bad,” but they tend to lose potency and can greatly reduce their flavor contributions. So go ahead and toss them out! It’s time to head to the bulk section for some new fragrant spices!

Super Old Canned Goods

We get it, there’s something oddly comforting about seeing a can of tomato sauce in your pantry – even if that can of tomato sauce has been there since 2013. This is a good time to rid yourself of items you know you’ll never use and to check the expiration date on items you will use.

Stuff You Will NEVER Use

It’s ok – this is a safe place. You can admit to us that you will never, ever use that jar of olives you purchased two years ago for an absurdly high price at an artisanal specialty olive store. You know you’re not going to use them, we know you’re not going to use them – heck, the olives know you aren’t to use them. If they are unopened or unexpired, donate them or give them to a friend who loves fancy jars, they’ll appreciate it!

Unsealed Products

Anything that has been improperly stored needs to go. This includes opened boxes of hardened brown sugar, bags of rice flour with a tiny hole at the bottom, etc. If you haven’t closed it all the way you may soon start dealing with new neighbors. And by new neighbors we mean insects.


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