The Perfect Health Diet Explained

Posted On: May 29, 2014

What Is the Perfect Health Diet?

The Perfect Health Diet operates under the belief that disease and impaired health have four primary causes:

  1. lifestyles that are not in line with mankind’s evolutionary past
  2. chronic infections due to bacteria and viruses
  3. malnutrition
  4. food toxicity

When people eat nutrient-poor diets, they are more likely to contact chronic infections and may take time to heal through diet.

Who Created the Perfect Health Diet?

The Perfect Health Diet was created by two scientists, Dr. Paul Jaminet & Dr. Shou-Ching Shih Jaminet. The husband-and-wife team who began experimenting with the idea of the Paleo diet in 2005. According to their website, they have since spent seven years refining and healing their bodies through diet.

Perfect Health Diet Food List

The Perfect Health Diet promotes nutrient dense, whole and natural foods. They recommend about 3 lbs of plant foods per day, which includes 1lb of sugary in-ground vegetables (beets, carrots, fruits, berries) and 1 lb safe starches. Unlike the Paleo (check out our frozen paleo meals!) or Primal diet, this diet includes safe starches.

Safe starches include white rice, taro, sago, plantains, sweet potatoes, white potatoes and tapioca. They also recommend one-half to a pound of meat, fish and poultry. They strongly recommend organ meats, as they contain large sources of iron, zinc, and vitamin B12. Low omega-6 fats and oils from animals are suggested, to taste. Butter, beef tallow, sour cream, coconut ,milk, and various oils are included in this category. Read their breakdown of the food list at their website.

the perfect health diet food list

What Should the Perfect Health Dieter Avoid?

People who prescribe to this diet should avoid all grains, vegetable oils, sugar and legumes. Peas and green beans are alright, but soy and peanuts are excluded. Similar to the Paleo diet, sugary drinks are not allowed. The only recommended beverages include coffee, tea  and water.

For more information about this particular diet, you can find more about The Perfect Health diet book at their website.


  The words and other content provided in this blog, and in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice. If the reader or any other person has a medical concern, he or she should consult with an appropriately-licensed physician or other health care worker.

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