The Perfect Back Yard Potluck – Tips & Tricks

Posted On: June 18, 2015

Potlucks are an exceptional time to learn more about your friends, family and co-workers. With each dish you sneak a tiny glimpse into their personal holiday traditions and favorites. Since potluck invitations are aplenty this holiday season, we compiled a list of easy ways to organize and execute the best darn potluck anyone has every seen!

Get Organized

There’s nothing quite like showing up to the potluck with chips and salsa, only to find that there are 8 bowls of salsa and 10 bags of chips and nothing else to nosh on. Make a list of categories (appetizers, salads, desserts, main dishes, etc.) and allow folks to sign up. If you’d like to be more authoritative, simply assign your guest a category and make them stick to it!

Prepare, Prepare and Then Prepare Some More!

If you are bringing a dish to the party, bring all the special equipment you may need. If your dish is super warm, remember to pack your own trivets or dishtowels. Be prepared, the oven may not have space for you,  so plan accordingly.

Don’t Make it Difficult 

Potlucks are made for balancing your drink and your paper plate together, don’t add to the chaos (and dirty dish pile) by bringing soups or stews – nobody has time to bring out a whole set of bowls for your dish.

Think Green

If you haven’t signed up for a dish, consider making veggie only side dishes. Roasted vegetables are incredibly easy to make and you’ll be a hero to the vegetarian guests.

Have a Backup Plan

It isn’t bad faith to have an extra dish or two in case someones soufflé collapses! Marinate a skirt steak or prepare a roast chicken, keep it simple enough so that it doesn’t get in the way of all your fun party plans!

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