Best Household Uses for Lemons

Posted On: May 8, 2015

Lemons: is there anything they can’t do? We love using this little fruit for cooking, baking, cleaning and medicinal purposes. Find out how:

In the Kitchen

When we’re running on all burners, deep in in our cooking zone, reaching for a lemon is one of our most flexed muscle memories. Like salt and pepper, we can’t imagine not keeping it in our every day cooking arsenal. We reach for it during the prep stages as an addition to marinades and sauces. We squeeze them into fruit salads to keep them fresh. We zest them and use them to bake lemon cheesecakes. They can be used as garnish, can liven up any salad and add depth to our favorite dishes.

Keeping Clean

Who knew lemons could be so handy as a natural cleaner? We use them to clean cutting boards, knifes, etc. Strain lemon juice and add it to a spray bottle filled 3/4 with water in order to clean laminate counter tops. Rinse with water and dry afterward. Lemon juice and a toothbrush work together an an excellent combo to battle grout and other funky smells around the house.

Wellness & Health

Lemons and their juice can alleviate a number of minor health issues. We’re fond of lemon juice and water as a headache cure- we’ve  even rubbed lemon juice of pesky mosquito bites. Soothing a sore throat can be as simple as adding lemon and honey to hot water and sipping slowly. The aroma of lemons has been proven to ease stress and feelings of anxiety. We know it perks up our mood instantly!


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