Thriving During The Holidays

Posted On: December 8, 2013

With Thanksgiving in our rear view mirror, it’s full steam ahead into the holiday season. The time between Thanksgiving and the New Year can be a wonderful time to meet up with friends or catch up with distant relatives.  It’s a busy season, and most folks tend to experience some unique stressors around extra shopping, cooking, and planning.  In addition to social obligations, there is the constant seasonal pressure to indulge in sugary desserts and other foods that may not be aligned with your goals or nutritional sensitivities.  In short- as joyous as they are, the holidays can be stressful!

With that said, making the holidays memorable and festive doesn’t necessarily have to compromise your health and well-being.  In fact, we say it is entirely possible to thrive in this season!


Know your stress triggers and schedule accordingly! Tune into your top priorities and learn to say no when needed.  If you know that you tend to get frazzled while grocery shopping among crowds, plan your trip around non-peak hours (shop on a lunch break or in the evening). And don’t forget your list! Writing down a checklist can help organize your thoughts and ease away extra anxiety.


Protect yourself against illness and strengthen your immune system! With a tighter schedule and extra travelling, one can find themselves stretched thin. Staying on top of your sleep schedule and making sure that you are drinking enough water can help you feel energetic despite the extra stress on your body. A regular exercise routine and carrying a healthy snack with you can also greatly contribute to keeping your immune system robust!


“Surviving the holidays” seems to be a common phrase thrown around during this time of year, but we like to think of this time as “thriving in the holidays.” Somewhere among the extra house guests or the multiple timers set in the kitchen – find a moment to take care of yourself. Be it a quiet cup of your favorite tea or a quick run in the park, taking the time to do things that you personally enjoy can help ease stress and can help you feel rejuvenated throughout the holiday.

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