Top 5 Holiday Party Planning Tips

Posted On: December 2, 2015

Make-Ahead Menu

“To be prepared is half the victory.” You can apply that to life or appetizers, it works just the same. We’ve waxed poetic about the importance of make-ahead menu items before, so we’re hoping this really drives the point home! SO many dishes keep well for a day in the fridge – so get busy the day before and spend the day of the party creating your punch bowl cocktails.

Serve-Yourself Cocktails

Step away from the cocktail shaker and dedicate your hosting duties to the punch bowl. Creating a effervescent, festive punch will allow you to mingle more and allow your guests to compliment your genius mixology moves. Find a recipe that doesn’t overpower your menu, stick to something simple and aromatic. Don’t be afraid of using fresh herbs in your cocktails! And as always, make an extra pitcher or two for refills.

Set the Mood

Nothing says cozy holiday party like your florescent kitchen light! How else would the guests see every accidental crumb on the floor?  Skip the overhead lights and bring out softer lamp shades. Tea lights, unscented candles and corner lamps will set the mood for an intimate gathering with your favorite people.

Keep Everything Warm

Unless your appetizers are cold, you may have to keep some of your items warm during the party. Set your oven to 150-200 and pop in items for a toasty finish. Save room, your guests may bring dish to heat up!

Parting Gift

Your guests will always remember the delicious spread at your holiday party – but make sure to give them something to take home. A simple ‘thank you’ for spending their evening with you and your delicious make-ahead appetizers and punchbowl cocktails. Chocolates, mini bottles of wine or deliciously scented candle will make them think of your tasty party long after the last guest goes home.


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