Turkey with Spinach, Sweet Potato and Ancho Apple Sauce

Posted On: November 8, 2014

The perfect comfort food, our turkey with spinach, sweet potato and ancho apple sauce meal is a great mix of flavors that pack a huge nutritional punch. Pasture raised turkey and tangy apple ancho sauce compliment each other wonderfully and are balanced out with spinach and a sweet potato puree.

Turkey with Spinach, Sweet Potato and Ancho Apple Sauce


This meal is packed with protein, healthy carbs and good fats. It’s ideal for athletes and fitness fans who need a organic, nutrient dense food on the go!


There’s something so comforting about a smoked turkey – it reminds us of happy Thanksgiving dinners with the people we love. A great source of lean protein, our pasture raised turkey’s 21 grams of protein will keep you and your family full until dinner time.

Sweet Potato 

Perfectly roasted and pureed, the sweet potato is a great way to get your necessary carbs for the day. Considered a “clean” food, sweet potato is very popular amongst athletes and fans of the real food movement. Great for energy after a workout, sweet potato balances out this nutrient dense meal very well.


What more can we say about spinach? It’s one of the best iron-rich super foods out there and we definitely want to incorporate it into our weekly meals more often. We use our frozen spinach in soups, salads and casseroles, but when we’re pressed for time we always grab on of these prepared meals for a perfectly seasoned and delicious helping of the green stuff!

Ancho Apple Sauce

Made from ancho chilis, chicken stock and apples, this sauce is the perfect compliment to the pasture raised turkey. The blend of heat and sweet come together and add so much to the delicious cuts of turkey.  After trying this meal for the first time we can guarantee that you’ll be calling us to find out the sauce recipe!



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Bon appétit, ya’ll!



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