Using the Freezer to Eat Healthy

Posted On: June 12, 2017

Cooking for one person is a difficult proposition, especially for young people with busy work and social calendars. It is tempting to just grab a piece of pizza or have pad Thai delivered from your favorite Thai restaurant. Indeed, a 2015 study found that people living alone have considerable less healthy diets than those who do not. Their diets include fewer essentials like fruits, vegetables and fish.

As a single person, you may find it impractical to cook for yourself. Here are a few tips to make your diet more nutritious and affordable. Even more, with the help of Beetnik, you can make sure that your diet includes variety and flavor.

  1. Cook and Freeze a Protein

One of the challenges of cooking for one is that it is difficult to buy proteins like chicken without getting multiple pieces. One thing you can do is make multiple types of proteins about every three weeks and freeze them so that you can then combine them with different types of vegetables and stews. On any given Sunday, you may make beef, chicken, and fish or seafood (usually salmon or shrimp), which you can then take out of the freezer the day you plan on eating it.

  1. Cook and Freeze Nutrition-Packed Bases

One way to ensure that you have vegetables in your diet is to make nutrition-packed meal bases, which are easily freezable. For example, you might cook lentil and black bean stews and freezing those in individual meal-sized containers, which you can then combine with the frozen proteins described above.

Stews especially are easy. To make, you can simply sauté vegetables like onions, peppers, mushrooms, kale, sweet potatoes and chickpeas. Then, add tomato sauce, season, and add the lentils or black beans with chicken or vegetable broth. You can also make a grain like bulgur or quinoa to go along with the stew. As a busy single person, cutting up vegetables is often what takes up the most time. Many grocery stores have salad bars with already cut-up vegetables that are great for sautéing. Even more, check to see if the salad bar becomes half off in the evening. You can also make salads to then combine with your frozen proteins.

Finally, one way to ensure flavor, add protein and skip the sautéing is to substitute canned tomato sauce with one of Beetnik’s delicious and nutritious sauces. This automatically adds flavor. Just use Beetnik’s Ragu Alla Bolognese or Polla Alla Cacciatora in a pot, add lentils and broth, and let it boil. It’s delicious and even more important, easy!

  1. Keep a Variety of Beetnik Frozen Meals in Your Freezer

Many days, you may just not in the mood to eat the lentils or beans that you’ve made for dinner. There is an easy solution. Mix up these homemade meals with frozen meals from Beetnik, which are healthy. Not in the mood for black beans and grilled chicken? Have Sesame Ginger Chicken, Shepherd’s Pie or, new to their lineup, Lemon Chicken with Cauliflower Rice.

The bottom line is being single or living alone should not limit what a person eats, and with the help of your freezer and Beetnik Foods, you can make sure that you are eating healthy.

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