Welcome Back, Halibut Season!

Posted On: March 29, 2016

Good news, Beetniks! Halibut is back in season and ready to delight your tastebuds with its incredible texture and heart healthy nutrients!

From our founder: “Like other flounder, Halibut has a migrating eye and “countershading”—its upper side is dark like the ocean floor, and its underbelly is white like the light streaming through the water above.  The International Pacific Halibut Commission manages Halibut fishery and outlaws the capture of Halibut less than eight years of age (approximately 30 inches in length) to ensure sustainability.



When cooked, the snow white meat loses its glossy appearance and is flaky and tender, though still firm. Preferred cooking methods are broiling, grilling, and frying; avoid over seasoning, as it will overpower the fish’s naturally-mild, delicious taste.”

We love Pacific halibut for its taste and firm texture. It takes to marinades and glazes easily, and adapts to many different situations. Strong management of Pacific halibut fisheries makes this delicious fish an excellent, ocean-friendly seafood selection.


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