The JERF Diet Explained

Posted On: November 10, 2014

The other day we found ourselves completley stumped when a customer called in and asked, “is this JERF compliant?” At first we were taken aback (did they just call us a jerk!?). Thankfully we did a quick google search and discovered that yes, our meats and vegetables are 100% JERF diet approved.

What Does JERF Mean?

JERF refers to the saying “Just Eat Real Food.” It’s that easy! As the magnet on our office fridge reads, “Try organic food! Or what your grandparents called it, food.”

What is JERF diet? - Just eat real food

Top 5 Principles of the JERF Diet:

  1. Keep it simple and eat REAL food. Focus less on calories and macro-nutrients (number of carbs, fats, etc.) and more on fueling yourself with real food. Whole foods that you can see in your hands and identify on a plate. Steak and a side of broccoli. Potatoes and eggs (and not the boxed kind!).
  2. Read your labels. Look at the ingredients on the package. Are there more than Can you pronounce them out loud? (Thiamine mononitrate, anyone?) Avoid packaged foods and stick to fresh or frozen organic products with real ingredients. (That package of frozen lima beans should only have one ingredient!)
  3. Stay on the outer aisles of the grocery store. You’ll notice that most of the whole, fresh foods make up the outer area of your local grocery store. Shop the produce aisle and pick up whatever you need on hand (we’ve got you covered when it comes to protein), and avoid the boxed packages!
  4. Cook! Cooking is absolutely essential when it comes to JERF. If you don’t consider yourself an amazing cook, take a look at some of our pre-cooked chicken thighs and breasts and our 100% organic, gluten free paleo friendly prepared meals. They all have simple and organic ingredients.
  5. Keep your pantry and freezer stocked. Take advantage of sales and freezer sales and stock up with frozen organic meals! Our 4 oz grass fed tenderloins are the perfect size and portion, so make sure to keep some on hand and you’ll never be without JERF ingredients again!

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